Horn Focus from 5e Expanded Feat

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Horn Focus from 5e Expanded Feat

Postby MintyChip » Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:46 pm

My lover had a question about this. The flavor text and prerequisite seems to put us off as to who is able to use said feat. Is it only unicorns that can take it or would a spell-casting Cloven also be able to take it?

"a horn or similar attribute, capable of casting at least one spell with somatic components"

Since unicorns in 5e no longer have spell-like abilities, it makes me believe that if they can't use spells, they can't get this feat, thus are unable to get even the melee part of the feat.

Also, what do they mean by "You can make an unarmed attack using your horn, dealing 1d8 bludgeoning or piercing damage (as appropriate)."

That leads me to believe that the blunt damage is for Cloven as I just can't picture a unicorn being able to deliver the blunt force of a warhammer with the side of their horn. XD

So what is the official ruling on this?

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Re: Horn Focus from 5e Expanded Feat

Postby David » Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:05 pm

Amusingly, I didn't write that, so my word is indirect at best. RAW, a cloven could, but As intended, it's made for unicorns.

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