Introduce yourself and/or your pony character(s)
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Postby Renathystdream » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:34 pm

Hi, I met Mr. Silver at EQLA, just a few days ago, who turned me over to here. I'm very interested in trying to play this, I'm relatively new to tabletop, but I'm eager to learn. I hope you all are having an awesome day! :-)

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Re: Heya

Postby David » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:38 pm

Welcome! It's me, that crazy guy that wrote Ponyfinder. Welcome to the herd!

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Re: Heya

Postby Steel_Prism » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:56 pm

Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here and hope you find a game soon.

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Re: Heya

Postby TaliaKirana » Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:37 pm


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