More practiced/advanced Horn feat questions (Sorry)

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Re: More practiced/advanced Horn feat questions (Sorry)

Postby TheStratovarian » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:34 pm

when you can get a hat of disguise, racial bonus, and prof bonus at level 2-3, a disugise kit, or masterwork thats +26 or +27 to disguise, the worst possible roll you can do is a 27 or 28, and thats not including charisma bonuses. for about 2.1k.

Sense motive, items are 11k for +4, Bracelet of Bargaining, 14.5k for +5, Bracelet, Seducer's Bane 10k for +5, Cloak of the Diplomat 20k for +5, Inquisitor's Monocle 7k for +5. Stole of Justice +5 for 18k.

And there are plenty more disguise items out there, that make the roll a complete joke. Especially when for 4.5k, you can get a wand that 100% of the time reveals a dopple, usable 5 times a day, or for 50 charges.

That is my point, the trait is bleh, because outside common npcs that are hiding, you will never get any dopple with this that cares even a remote bit about hiding themselves. be it a npc, foe, or anything based on the items race that occurs. A pc loses, every time.

If the gm does the roll secret, you will never now. If he doesnt, its pc suspicion time. I tried to point the issue. I give up.

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Re: More practiced/advanced Horn feat questions (Sorry)

Postby David » Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:02 am

A hat of disguise will not stack. Being shapeshifted is +10, period, making a hat of disguise far less useful to a talented doppelganger.

... Prof bonus? Wait, are we PF or 5e?

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