Class clarification question

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Class clarification question

Postby Wolfwing » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:35 pm

Hello, so I had a question for anyone that can answer. I really could use some clarification on Classes.

in the Campaign Settings book I understand how the races work but not the class. I get that bloodline is for Unicorns/spell users, and they can pick Vampire or Unification But what about the rest? Page 16-19 explain the classes but page 20 does not list the states for them. Also the favored class and archetypes seem to only talk about if you take a pony race not any of the other races.

So my question is. What are all the usable classes, where are the stats listed for the classes, and if I chose one of the other races other then pony, how does class work?

I feel bad because I have played pathfinder for some time and this book has me at a bit of a loss.

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Re: Class clarification question

Postby David » Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:40 pm

It's Pathfinder. All classes, bloodlines, feats, and etc. from Pathinder work.

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Re: Class clarification question

Postby Solitary Performance » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:40 am

The unification and vampire bloodlines are new bloodlines for the Sorcerer class, that are options that (theoretically) any sorcerer can take. You want a zebra sorcerer who wants to signify some doppleganger and sea pony ancestory? Those have options in the unification line. You wish to suggest that love between one of the pony tribes and one of the standard races has happened, and can get a GM to give you a go ahead? Why not a halfling sorcerer with unification line, tap that hidden ancestor's bloodline for your power.

Also, at the end of each special case race, they mention favored class (like gryphon, phoenix wolf), but you only get the one block for all the different pony types because, you can "mix and match" certain tribes to make a specific pony you want. Solitary Performance, from the base book, is a Pegasus Doppleganger pony, so he's traded the bonus endurance that the default "earth pony" would come with, with his flight ability, and the bonus feat, for his shapeshifting prowess. I'm in a game (not playing as Sol), with a clockwork zebra; same deal applies, Clockwork and Zebra replace parts of the base Earth Pony to be those specific tribes. But Sol and this robo-zebra would both use the same list of Ponykind preferred classes, because they're both ponies, even if they're wildly different.

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