Born of Magic questions

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Born of Magic questions

Postby Alex12 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:00 pm

So, I purchased the Born of Magic supplement, and I have some questions. First off, the main Ponyfinder book lists Earth-bound speed as 40 (20 bipedal), and the unicorn subrace entry doesn't change that. But the supplement gives their speed as 30 (20 bipedal). Is this an error?
Would a unicorn with Advanced Horn Magic and Blade of the Mind be able to use both telekinetic hands to form a 2-handed weapon?
Does the Combined Casting feat require expending spell slots on the part of the helper? For that matter, who has to know the relevant metamagics? Helper, primary caster, or both?
Does Emergency Reposition count as a teleportation effect? Do you move through the interim squares? I assume from context that the movement doesn't provoke AoO, but clarification there would be nice.
For Inspired Chemistry, why is there a caveat for downward adjustment? 2d4-2 can't go below 0, and I can't think of any situation where decreasing the caster level (since modification can mean in either direction) would ever be useful, especially if it risked losing the extract entirely.
Also the Night Stalker PrC is leaving me baffled for a variety of reasons. First off, given that the spells class feature specifies arcane casting, shouldn't the prerequisites specify arcane casting? I also note that they get d10 HD, which seems somewhat high. None of the class features say what level they come at, there's no table indicating saves, BAB, or class features, and I'm confused as to what Moon's Blessing actually does. Also, how long does Haven of the Night last when used on allies? I'd guess either 1d4 rounds (as with enemies) or a number of rounds equal to either casting modifier or Int modifier, but the entry doesn't say. For that matter, is it a Spell-like ability? Or a Supernatural one?

Sorry for all the questions, but these are all questions I could see coming up at my table if I were to use any of these abilities.

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Re: Born of Magic questions

Postby David » Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:17 pm

That is a lot of questions o_o That would be an error, on the first one. Fixed in my internal copy.

I would have no issue with a pony making a two handed mental weapon, provided they have two mental hands to wield it, and it would make both hands busy.

The aider must have the metamagic that they want to add to the spell.

Inspired Chemistry: I'm not sure how this became 2d4, it should be 1d4, fixed in my internal copy.

Emergency Reposition: Teleportation effect.

Night Stalker: I.. had a table for this in my word document. I will have my revenge! I mean talk with my layout gal.

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