Dive Bomb broken?

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Re: Dive Bomb broken?

Postby TheJar » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:51 pm

Why not give a die per so many levels? Make it more of a special ability and less of another Pwr Atk clone.

Something like, at 4th level Dive Bomb deals a single die (d4? d6?) and an additional die every 4 levels beyond 4th. Penalty on the following round for attacks equals number of dice of extra damage. Charge bonus to hit is still sacrificed on charge attack.

This makes more sense to me, it turns it away from Pwr Atk mechanics and makes it more like offensive falling damage ("Dive" Bomb, after all).

Hate resurrecting dead threads but this problem stood out to me and some unusual mechanics might do it some good.

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