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New player with a few questions

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:59 am
by LunTia
Hello, I bought a ponyfinder book at a recent convention, and new to the game, and had a few questions about how to make a character and play a bit,
1. I Read through the book, and I picked a Pegasus to start with, but for the stats, is there any other stats to use other then the "+2 dexterity, +2 wisdom, -2 strength"?

2. If I wanted to do the unification bloodline thing, How would I go about doing that? As in, do I become a wizard and go that way, do I have to be a unicorn, or is the unification some thing that can happen as you level up?

Re: New player with a few questions

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:15 am
by David
Start with pony, then add pegasus. Pegasi are ponies, after all.

Sorcerer is the easiest way, since it is a bloodline.
Barring that, eldritch heritage feat.
Barring that! Check out Unchained and the variant multiclassing. Use that to multiclass sorcerer.

Re: New player with a few questions

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:23 am
by LunTia
For the stats of a pony, would I get them from the pathfinder beastery section? Then add the Pegasus stats? And would wizard be the same as the sorcerer? I tried looking through the book again, and couldn't find anything on the eldritch heritage feat, Would that feat be in the pathfinder book (I put pathfinder as I know ponyfinder is an addition to pathfinder)

Re: New player with a few questions

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:34 am
by David
Page 7, Ponykind attributes, Pathfinder. Those are the stats.

From there, you are append a physical tribe and, optionally, a spiritual tribe (but lose the bonus feat doing so).

Re: New player with a few questions

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:52 am
by Solitary Performance
My 2 bits:
Wizard is a prepared arcane spellcaster, they memorize spells at the start of a day, and have only those spells to play with that day.
Sorcerer is a spontaneous arcane spellcaster, they have a smaller list of spells they know from whatever source gives them power, and they can cast whichever ones they know up until they've used up that spell level's slots for the day.
Eldritch Heritage feat comes from the book "Ultimate Magic" from Paizo (the pathfinder guys): Requires character level 3, skill focus in the skill for a sorcerer bloodline, and CHA 13+.
What the feat does (copied from d20pfsrd): Select one sorcerer bloodline. You must have Skill focus in the class skill that bloodline grants to a sorcerer at 1st level (for example, Heal for the celestial bloodline). This bloodline cannot be a bloodline you already have. You gain the first-level bloodline power for the selected bloodline. For purposes of using that power, treat your sorcerer level as equal to your character level – 2, even if you have levels in sorcerer. You do not gain any of the other bloodline abilities.

So, to be a unification bloodline, you need to be a sorcerer (either normally, or via multiclassing in some fashion) and choose that bloodline as your sorcerer bloodline, or take the Eldrich Heritage feat and get a taste of what it offers. There's nothing to prevent you from being an earth pony, or any other kind of pony tribe combo (like, say, Doppelganger Pegasus) to take it as a start, but certain visual combos, like looking like an alicorn, are best done if you're starting with certain tribes, like unicorn or pegasus.