Outwitting the Divine

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Outwitting the Divine

Postby Solitary Performance » Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:11 pm

Just some clarification of the feat's full effects. I know it says DC and bonus spells for a WIS based caster become INT, and then trails into an "and etc", but I am curious if the etc includes things like Domain effects for Clerics, which often have WIS mod associated with them in uses and effect values... if so, then I'm going to have a very smart Cleric of :) ... er, Luminace, and reap the rewards from the extra skill points that would provide (even if I would lose the extra high Will saves clerics sport with good save and high wisdom).

A specific pair of examples from said cleric, to help with what/why I'm asking:

Knowledge Domain, Lore Keeper ability: A successful touch attack allows you to learn about the creature as if you passed the appropriate Knowledge check with a score of 15 + Cleric Level + Wisdom Mod; with this fear, would it then be 15 + level + Int Mod?
Protection Domain, Resistant Touch: Allows the protection domain's resist bonus on saving throws to be passed to a touched ally for 1 minute (cleric loses it for the same minute) 3 + Wisdom Mod times a day; would this also turn into 3 + Int mod per day?

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Re: Outwitting the Divine

Postby David » Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:47 pm

I would allow it for domains from classes that use wisdom.

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