A couple of campaign ideas for you all.

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A couple of campaign ideas for you all.

Postby ryanwraith1 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:29 pm


- Two tribes are bickering over a plot of land. One tribe claims legitimate claims, while the other claims that the land is an ancient and sacred burial ground to their tribe. The players are to convince one of the tribes to allow the other rights to the land. Some members of the losing tribe may not be so happy with it though.

- Iliana is attempting to bring one of the tribes under the Imperial banner. However, the tribes leader wants no part in the Empire, and is doing all he can to emberace Iliana so much that his tribe would see her as a foolish ruler. The players goal is to protect the Queen from any harm coming her way, as well as keep her legitimacy true.

- Two factions within a tribe fight for power over one another. Because of this, violence and rioting has broken out against those of the opposite faction, and the Seekers have taken notice. Now the players must do all they can to convince the two factions to stop their attacks on one another, and to convince one tribe to allow the other rule over the tribe. Of course the players could allow a third, more Imperialistic faction to take control.

Time of the Empire

- The tribe of bone are up to something. They are moving their troops in and out of a cave that desends deep beneath the earth, and when they return from the cave, they carry with them a strange tablet. The Imperial Army wants the players to infiltrate the Tribe of Bones camp, and take the tablet for themselves. But as everyone in Everglow knows, what lies beneath the earth, must remain beneath the Earth...

- The Griffins wish to make their own Empire by conquering Imperial territory. Under the banner of a Grand Warlord, the Griffins are slowly but surely dominating Imperial forces. Imperial intelligence has taken note of how great an asset the Grand Warlord of the Griffins is, and so send the players to take him out.

- A doppleganger has breached the Imperial council, and is descuised as one of Iliana's closest advisors. Steel Prism fears that an assassination may be attempted, and calls on the players to find out who the Doppleganger is, and to take him down before harm to the queen can take place. The again, how does Steel Prism know that the Dopplegangers haven't infiltrated the party?
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Re: A couple of campaign ideas for you all.

Postby Steel_Prism » Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:37 pm

Some very good ideas there

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