40k Gods?

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40k Gods?

Postby Sun Dial » Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:13 am

So a friends brought this up, and I've never been that interested in Pathfinder Gods before, but he brought up the point that in many ways they are more 40k esque then they are pathfinder Gods.

Pathfinder Gods are very defined, they are a personality and exist without outside influence.

Pony Gods aren't very defined and actually have several references as to being molded by the worship of the Everglow, as opposed to defining the worshipers, the worshipers define them. This almost gives them a very... different feel. On top of it, going through the Gods of Pathfinder, they have origin stories, they were things before they were Gods. Luminace is the only one we have an Origin story for... and it seems to imply ponies existing before the Everglow.

So was this 40k esque feel supposed to happen?

Why was it decided that they Everfree Gods wouldn't define themselves, but rather be defined by their worshipers?

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Re: 40k Gods?

Postby David » Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:35 am

Nope, I made them up as my muse directed me. If that happened to be like 40k, so be it! There are actually two gods with revealed(mostly) origin stories, but that requires you check out the Everglow Pantheon Blog. Did you know they had a tumblr blog where you could ask them questions? They do!


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