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Postby Iron Heart » Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:53 am

Given the absolute lack of rules for spellcasting supersuits and such mentioned in the town description, I'm wondering whether or not to run Silverdream in my gestalt psionics-included game as every soldier having Aegis on one side of their gestalt, and a manifesting class of their choice on the other. The aegis class grants the ability to form a number of ectoplasm-based armours the user is automatically proficient in, while manifesters in general don't really suffer arcane spell failure, not casting arcane spells (or casting spells at all, though powers are rather close to spells in nature). Is there anything else that I should consider when I make this decision?
Further, can I make Dreamsorrow an arcane mind psion/psychic mage wizard without hurting the flavour? (I'm refluffing psionic items and such to be closer in style to arcane magic (scrolls instead of power stones, for instance), without actually using the mechanics of arcane casting. I realize that this information definitely influences the answer.)

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