[Equestria] Lunnova, at the Equestria's edge - GM Brainstorming

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[Equestria] Lunnova, at the Equestria's edge - GM Brainstorming

Postby Tau » Mon May 29, 2017 1:32 pm

Hello everypony,
I'm opening this topic as a brainstorming for my future campaign settled in MLP:FIM Equestria setting.
I'll welcome any aid or ideas you could give me.

About our game:
It will be an E6 (well, P6) campaign.
I'll adjust some main characters of the show as deity... well, they will be level 6 plus Mythic NPCs able to provide divine spells, not Gods in the Golarion's term. [soon on this board]
Playing style: a relaxed one, full of jokes with the goal of playing in a cartoon atmosphere.
Players: my wife, my sister in law and her child (8 yrs old) and maybe some school friends.

Our setting: Lunnova and the surroundings.
In the Luna Bay is rising a new settlement, Lunnova, a village dedicated to Princess Luna.

[The pun:
The name of the village is a crasis of the words "Lunn-a" and "Genova", Genoa in Italy where we live.
“Lunn-a“ it's the genoese word for Moon.
I was delighted of making it since the form of Luna Bay it's very similar to the Ligurian riviera too.]

Location of Lunnova

[Soon I'll update a map of the village too, it's shape being the same of the ancient shape of Genova]

This coastal small village is rising is population. A second wave of settlers is coming at the beginning of the campaign. [about 10 years after the current season 7 in the tv show.]
Settlers are mainly ponies of the main 3 sub-races (earth pony, pegasi and unicorns), but in the last years a few number of the other races have moved too (crystal ponies, reformed changelings, unconventional griffons, zebras...)

(Connection to the rest of the world)
Cut away from Equestria's rail-lines, to reach it “on hoof” you need to start from Vannhoover and face the coast and it's Arctic clime, so Lunnova's primary access and only commercial way if through the sea.

(Protection from cold)
The Dreaming Sphere is an artifact created by Princess Luna using her domain of dreams.
The sphere is able to maintain a mild climate in the surrounding area.
Unlike the most powerful and famous Crystal Heart, the Sphere is fueled by the power of good dreams, night after night (Luna crafted it with a small emergency stock), but it's power only keeps out the Frozen North and Windigos not other enemies.

Bat-pony: the indigenous population, lives in a series of caves in the mountains since the times of Nightmare Moon banishment. Some of them could be enemies, or at least rivals of the settlers, all will not like the newcomers, at least in the beginning.
Sea-pony: the sea is their territory, but the could be befriended too.
Pirate ponies: the main threat to the commercial and supply way through the sea.
Other creatures in the mountains: yetis, arctic animals and magical beasts, etc...

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