Greetings from your average Archaeologist

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Re: Greetings from your average Archaeologist

Postby Glyph Reader » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:57 pm

Canada714 wrote:
Glyph Reader wrote: 3. I plan to join in at the tavern at some point soon once I feel comfortable and at home :P

Great to hear :-) but don't be afraid. Jump right in :) One of our regular users is starting up a new campaign and no one would object if you wanted to even start your own campaign ;)

Ah, I remember you from when I was reading the campaigns you were doing earlier! I really like the campaign you started up awhile ago; I believe it was just 'Campaign 2' or something like that... Well, anyways, I just might join in tomorrow or even tonight! :D Hope I can get around to it once I clear this backlog of work I need to do.

See you later in the tavern (or cave :P),
Glyph Reader
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