Introduce yourself and/or your pony character(s)
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Postby IKilledTheDevil » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:30 am

How's it going I'm a Griffin! Well sorta. You see I use to be a creature known as a Human, until I was summoned by a mad unicorn that used a spell to fuse me with a griffin whose mind he erased, in a bid to create the prefect war beast. I known, I known, it sounds like I'm off my gourd doesn't? Well it's the truth, true I did have a HUGE freak out after waking up in the hospital that I was put in after the empires forces stormed the lair after the spell backlash killed him, but to be fare you would to after waking up in a body not your own, surrounded be creatures that looked a lot like the one that did that to you.
Fezzes are cool, but Griffins are Bi*squawk*in!

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