Chang... er, Doppleganger Bard of Legend

Introduce yourself and/or your pony character(s)
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Chang... er, Doppleganger Bard of Legend

Postby Solitary Performance » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:13 pm

H'lo and well met. First, the proverbial face behind the screen.
Been poking D&D stuff for about 15 years. My first D&D character was an AD&D 1e thief, but my personal introduction was with the reprint of the 2e book, with much of my actual play being 3.5e.
I've dabbled in LARP'd and tabletop oWoD. I've poked a fair bit of RPGs on consoles and PC, single and online.

I'm also, in the kickstarter's case, kinda a big deal. :sheepish: I am one of them Legendary Ponies, who will be forever recorded in the annals of ponyfinder history... or something like that. >_> <_<

The specifics, including possibly my totally awesome history blurb, will come in another post, though... including vauge handwaved stats, because not everyone wants a legendary bard.

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Re: Chang... er, Doppleganger Bard of Legend

Postby David » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:54 pm

Welcome to the herd.

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