Story: The path to healing Everglow

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Story: The path to healing Everglow

Postby Steel_Prism » Tue May 13, 2014 5:33 pm

Hello all I through I share my campaign that I am GMing with you all here. It will be from the view of the players so if you want to know some of the background of the campaign that only the GM knows feel free to PM I am happy to share things that the players may have missed or not picked up on as will not be sharing everything unless they worked it out as don’t want them reading here for spoilers.

A little about the group

Our little group is 4 friends and they from all corners of the world that have done RP but never done it with dice and talking to each other like this before so they are very new to this but are very much enjoying it. In the group we have an Earth pony-Cleric, Unicorn Wizard, Dwarf Fighter and a Human Gunslinger. So a bit of a mix of races and classes.

The Campaign setting
It has been around 50 years since the death of the Queen. The pony empire has fallen and the large cities do their best to keep some sort of power together were smaller places worry about getting food to live for one more year. Humans have now started to move into pony land and taking what they can and very little can stand in their way.
But not all is well with Everglow the land is slowly dying, crops are failing and diseases are spreading. Little can be done to stop this and those in power are sending out champions to try and find the means to stop whatever curse has fallen the land. Many are calling it the end times and claim that it was only the Queens will keeping it away and nothing can be done to stop the land from dying.

The adventure starts
The story starts with our heroes each finder their way to Kadiston were the king his holding a great festival with many things to buy, games to play and tournaments to enter.

This isn't the first one his has held there was one years ago when the land first started to die were the winners of the tournaments were picked and sent on a special quest for the king to find away to cure the land. They have not been heard from for some time now, but this isn't a time to worry but find new champions and this time not the best of the best but those that stand out in other ways.

Our first Champion Dapper, an Earth pony can trace his family line to those that once called themselves nobles within the empire, used what resources he could to be pick as one and the promise of land and nobility once again as reward was all he needed.

Our second Champion Zelos a human that always had his eyes on the wider world and ever wanting to say in one place fascinated with the strange weapons know as guns. Craft his own after a dwarf traveler past through his village and showed off these strange device. He now travels looking for more or to learn the skills to craft. With his strange and exotic weapon it was no surprise when the King paid close interested to him knowing he had one of these in his own weapons collection. He was quick to the idea of the promise of receiving such device.

Our third Champion Arcane Note a Unicorn that has always been interested in knowledge and learning languages. He didn't really stand out that much to start with, but once he managed to translate a test that no one else was able to the King soon paid close attention to this Unicorn and with the promise that he would get to explore place that would hold more such treasures of knowledge and mysteries he was happy to join.

And finally our last Champion Rikkur and Dwarf far from home making an honest living as a guard for caravans looking to prove himself. He found himself in the fighting tournaments; he was no way the most skill of the fights as that was taken by the Captain of the guard a mare Earth pony that was laying waste to any that stood in the way. Till she come across Rikkur it wasn't a fight he was going to win but he out lasted anyone else by a long shot and he even gave the mare a bloody nose. This impressed the King and he was sure to have him join the Champion as they would need someone to get them through the fight that lay ahead of them.

Once they were all together and they were all happy to join this quest to save Everglow the King showed them an old map that dated back to when the Queen was still young into her rain. It showed the location of what is to have been known as her private city, with this information the King sent them out to find what was happening to the land and bring back something that he could use to save Everglow for if he was the only one that could save it then it would give him great power and influence with the Human empire that had risen.

So our Champion now with a destination and a mission leaves the city of Kadiston in hope they are in time to save Everglow. It is a long journey and this hidden city is just one stop in finding hope for Everglow.

This is the start of the campaign. I will update the story more as it goes on and as the players find out what is slowly killing Everglow and battle for a way to save it. Again if you are someone that likes to know a bit more behind the scene sort of thing or maybe like the story setting and want to know more than I am happy to share over PM. If not then get hope you enjoy the story as my players find their way through Everglow in hopes of saving it. Hope to update once or twice a month based on how much they get done.

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