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Tavern FAQ

Postby Selerik » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:23 pm

Hello all!

I realize this section may be confusing to some, so I want to help make it clear how this area can be used for fun.

Q: What Can We Do Here?
First of all and most importantly, this area is freestyle. While mods will be in place to ensure forum standards are kept, we want you to be wild and creative.

Q: Who Decides What A Thread Is About, And What Can It Be About?
The thread creator is entitled to set any rules and restrictions for the thread, which we ask be included in the initial post (updates are fine). They may say 'this is in SPAAAAAACE' and that is it, or they may request character sheets and have their own house rules. Please be respectful of the thread creator's wishes when posting.

Q: Can We Play Non-Ponyfinder Stuff?
If they do choose to use a roleplaying system, it does not have to be ours! We're really just wanting you to have a safe place to play with friends with similar interests, and we will do our best to support it.

Q: Are There Any Tools To Help?
For those threads where you want something more concrete, we have a built in dice system. Please take advantage of it. I recommend myth-weavers for character sheets should you choose to use them, but there are a wide range of other fantastic tools your storytellers are free to pick out as well.

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