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Horseventure 2014

Postby Iron Heart » Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:55 pm

Hello, fine people of Ponyfinder forum!
With a friend, I'm looking to start up some pony adventure roleplaying set in Everglow! If you're interested in playing, we'd love to have a chat with you and hammer out details. IRC preferred.

The rest of this post is devoted to game rules.

Character generation guidelines!
(These are negotiable.)

• Seven scores are rolled as per normal for Pathfinder (best 3 dice of 4d6). You may assign them as you desire between the six attributes.
• Races available from Ponyfinder Campaign Setting are earth-bound, unicorn (including variants found in this thread), pegasus, or zebra (all of which may become a gem pony, a clockwork, or a doppelganger), or one of cloven, griffon, purrsian, phoenix wolf and steelheart. Races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and from Dreamscarred Press psionics material are available, as well.
• Two traits, and up to one drawback, which grants one extra trait if taken.
• 1st level, experience on the fast track.
• Wealth as described for gestalt section below, plus 2000 gp worth of non-magical possessions. Arms and armour are masterworked at no additional cost.
• Gestalt rules, as described below. Multiclass characters gain fractional chassis values (BAB, saves), meaning two levels of medium BAB and four levels of poor BAB would give a base attack bonus of +3, rather than +0.
• Available base classes include those found in the Advanced Player's Guide, those in the Advanced Class Guide, those in the Dreamscarred Press psionics line, those in the Dreamscarred Press Path of War line, the Paladin, and the Bard and its myriad archetypes. If any of these interest you, documents are available on request.
• Base classes (but not core classes) from 3.5 edition may be ported over on request. Beguiler (PHB2), Dread Necromancer (Heroes of Horror), Factotum (Dungeonscape), and ToB classes (swordsage with modifications described below) are automatically allowed. Wildshape ranger,

* Path of War classes fill a 'melee' niche, in that each one helps fulfill various kinds of warrior or skilled concepts. They're meant to evoke berserkers, assassins, knights, heroes, demigods, duelists, and demons. There are five classes so far, with more to come.

- Stalkers take the role of assassins, berserkers, thugs, demons, special agents, spies, and scum. A Stalker, depending on build, either emphasizes subtlety followed by bursts of high-damage strikes, or a two-weapon frenzy where they shriek in sadistic glee while bathing in the spraying gore.

- Warlords also do the berserker thing, but they're also leaders of men, soldiers, captains, blood knights, gamblers, princes, and duelists. Warlords can excel in many different archetypes.

- Warders are knights, bodyguards, tacticians, strategic generals, and insightful politicians. In a lot of ways they can be similar to Warlords in that both form natural leader roles, but where Warlords are charismatic leaders who emphasize high-reward gambles, Warders are Intelligence-based.

- Harbingers combine supernatural elements with their swordplay; specifically, Harbingers curse their enemies and control the battlefield with debuffs and superior mobility. Harbingers are meant to evoke shades of Hollywood serial killers, but also cursed knights, witches, and Sith.

- Zealots lead through the power of their passion and convictions. Zealots unite their group into a collective, blend psionics and swordplay and use "meta-strikes" that alter how their maneuvers work. Zealots are tough, ferocious, and hard to predict, and use their maneuvers to make themselves priority targets and punish their enemies on the front lines.

(This is hardly extensive, and exists just to give you an idea of how many things I'm trying to change. Basically everyone can always do what's on their character sheet, prerequisite feats are cut down on, spontaneous full-casters aren't lagging compared to prepared full-casters, and the monk has been modified.)

Spellcasting and Manifesting
* Spontaneously casting classes with 9+0 levels of spells do not suffer delayed spellcasting, and a member of oracle, sorcerer, or other class that learns 9 levels of spells refers to the next class level on the table when determining spell slots of 2nd-level and above. Mystery and bloodline spells are learned at 2nd level, and every 2 levels after.
* Classes that prepare cantrips or orisons gain 1 bonus 0-level spell prepared each day for a bonus spell attribute modifier of +0 (such as a magus with 11 intelligence), and for every 4 points of modifier beyond that. (For instance, a cleric with a Wisdom score of 27 would be able to prepare 3 additional orisons per day for having a Wisdom modifier of +8.)=

* Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim and Mounted Combat are now one feat, called Combat Expertise, and are options available to any character with the feat. Any character with this feat is considered to have the feats it replaces for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.
* Dodge is now a benefit of Mobility, which no longer has Dodge as a prerequisite.
* Alertness and Point-Blank Shot are no longer prerequisites for any feat.
* Exotic Weapon Proficiency (gnomish starscythe), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (banana), and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (human slingshot) have been rolled into a single unified Exotic Weapon Proficiency. Martial Weapon Proficiency grants proficiency in all simple and martial weapons.

* Every level in a non-Factotum class gives an automatic 1 rank in every non-Craft, non-Profession, non-Perform class skill, and one rank in a Craft skill of their choice, and one rank in a Perform or Profession skill if one of those skills is a class skill. For instance, a barbarian 5/monk 5 would have 10 ranks in each of Acrobatics, Climb, a Craft skill of your choice, Intimidate, Perception, Ride, and Swim, and 5 ranks each in Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (religion), Sense Motive, Stealth and Survival, as well as 5 ranks to spend on Perform or Profession skills, and 40 + (10*INT) skill points to spend where desired.
* Every second level in Factotum grants a +1 bonus to all skill checks, and a 2nd-level factotum may make any skill check untrained. The Factotum may only have as many ranks in a skill as half his level, rounded up.

Resource Tracking
* Purchased arms and armour come with all basic items used in operation and care of those items (including reasonable stocks of ammunition, if any). Such basic items may be obtained for any acquired equipment at no significant cost in appropriate town environments.
* Abilities that may normally be used X+MOD times per day or more, such as a cleric's Channel Energy, may instead be used any number of times per day, but only that many times between periods of relative calm of one minute or more. (Exception: The summoner's spell-like ability can only be used 3+CHA times per day. There is no way to apply feats or metamagic effects to this spell-like ability.)
* Daily resources that have a capacity of X+MOD or more and refresh each day, such as a magus's Arcane Pool, refresh completely after a short period of relative calm.
* Daily resources measured in "rounds" that refresh each day, such as Bardic Performance, can now be used for that many rounds at a time, refreshing after a short period of relative calm.
* Grit is unchanged, but all deeds' grit costs are reduced by 1, except deeds that explicitly state their cost may not be reduced (such as Slinger's Luck), deeds that let you make all attacks you are entitled to (such as Dead Shot), deeds that provide a bonus above +5 (such as the No Name feat), or deeds that are defensive in nature (such as Gunslinger's Dodge and Cheat Death, but not Expert Loading). If a deed's grit cost is reduced to 0, that deed can be performed for free as long as the gunslinger has at least 1 grit point. If a deed could already be performed as long as the gunslinger had at least 1 grit point, they can now perform that deed even when they have no grit points. For instance, Bleeding Wound would read as follows: At 11th level, when a gunslinger with 1 or more grit points hits a living creature with a firearm attack, she may choose to have that attack deal extra bleed damage. The amount of bleed damage is equal to the gunslinger’s Dexterity modifier. Alternatively, the gunslinger can spend 1 grit point to deal 1 point of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution bleed damage (gunslinger’s choice) instead. Creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are also immune to these types of bleed damage.
* Other resources that require tracking will be dealt with as they come up.

* The first six levels of Monk now make up a prestige class with no prerequisites. If you wish to advance further as a mystic martial artist, use the Swordsage from the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords (3.5), with the following changes.
* Swordsage now gains a full base attack bonus progression.
* Gain maneuver training, bonus feats and unarmed strike damage of a monk of your swordsage level, and ki pool of a monk of three levels higher than your swordsage level. Maneuver training now reads "You gain a bonus to your CMB equal to 1/4 your swordsage level (minimum +1)."
* Swordsage maneuvers that allow you to make an attack use your CMB rather than your normal attack bonus.
* Maneuvers are recovered when you successfully use a universal combat maneuver (grapple, trip, reposition, etc.) against an opponent as a standard or full-round action. You regain the use of a number of swordsage maneuvers equal to your Wisdom bonus.
* Class skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (history, local, martial, nature, nobility), Perception, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Stealth, Swim

Bonded animals
* Rangers, cavaliers, and members of other classes who choose to take an animal companion, mount, or other creature as if using a druid's nature bond now treat their effective druid level as equal to their ranger level for the purposes of the ability, and do not suffer any restrictions their class imposes on the animal they may choose.

* Characters have up to 2000 gp of non-magical things at their disposal, at no cost, mechanically. Spellbooks are counted as non-magical. Objects with a volume of 125 cubic feet or greater or a cost of 500 gp or more must be cleared with GM.
* Everglow races are considered humanoid (subtype) for the purposes of hold person and similar.

(Some of the examples in the following section can't actually happen normally. Don't be too bothered by it.)

• You have two tracks of classes, track A and track B.
* Pick a base class to be your favoured class for track A, then pick a different base class to be your favoured class for track B. If you have a means of picking more favoured classes, it applies to each track (so a half-elf might pick wizard and cleric for track A, then fighter and rogue for track B, instead of his normal selection of wizard and cleric.
• At each level, advance one level in two base classes, one for track A and one for track B. Once you gain a level in a class in track A, you cannot select it in track B, and vice-versa. You cannot gain a level in a class that is effectively another class that you have (such as a level of ninja with levels of rogue, or brawler with fighter. As an example, a Fighter 2//Wizard 1/Cleric 1 would be a 2nd-level character, with two special class levels, Fighter 1//Wizard 1 and Fighter 2//Cleric 1. He would effectively have a fighter level of 2, and a wizard level and a cleric level of 1 each.)
* You take the better hit die size and skill points of your A class and B class at each level, and add up all the proficiencies and class skills of both track A and track B. (For instance, Fighter 1//Wizard 1 would give a d10 hit die, 2 skill points, proficiency with martial weapons, all armour and all shields, and the class skills of both a fighter and a wizard.)
* For track A, you gain a favoured class bonus of your choice for each level of your favoured class(es) in the track. Same procedure for track B. Yes, this allows you to gain two hit points each level, or two skill points each level, or one hit point and one skill point at each level, or any other combination of favoured class bonuses.
* Write down the class features you gain at each level you possess. You gain all of them, with the normal limitations of each. (For instance, while a Fighter 3//Wizard 1/Cleric 1/Wizard +1 would reduce the armour check penalty and increase the max Dex bonus for full plate by 1 each, he would still suffer a 40% chance of failing to cast a wizard spell with a somatic component while wearing that full plate.)
• Starting wealth is the higher number of dice between your first two classes, and the larger die size between those classes, with the higher multiplier and the higher base coin denomination between those classes (so if you pick a class with 6d4x15 cp and a class with 4d6x10 sp, you would begin play with 6d6x15 sp worth of equipment (full market price), plus an outfit worth up to 10 gp).
• Base attack bonus is determined by counting levels in High BAB classes (+1 per level), Medium BAB classes (+3/4 per level) and Low BAB classes (+1/2 per level) in each track, and using the higher value of the two tracks.
• For each save, count levels in classes with a good save (which count +1/2 per level) and classes with a poor save (which count +1/3 per level) in track A, then track B. You gain the higher of the two totals as your base saving throw bonuses. If you have at least one level in any class that grants that save a good progression in either track, you gain +2 to that base saving throw bonus in addition to the bonus gained from levels.

As an example, Charity is a pegasus barbarian 2//summoner 1/paladin 1, with favoured classes barbarian and summoner. She would gain three opportunities to choose 1 hit point or 1 skill point, with two of those opportunities alternately granting +1 speed as a barbarian, and the other alternately giving her eidolon DR 1/cold iron.
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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Buck525 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:21 pm

These are quite the...uhh...peculiar rules.
I could make some really terrifying characters with this.

I'll roll up a character.


Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Slayah » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:49 pm

I'm going to need to refresh myself with pathfinder and sort through that houserule list, but I'm in.

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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Iron Heart » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:23 am

Buck525 wrote:These are quite the...uhh...peculiar rules.
I could make some really terrifying characters with this.

Intentional. Note that these houserules also apply to your opponents.

To all preparing to submit a character, even five words on aspirations, motivations or potential adventure hooks would be most helpful.

To anyone looking to play, note that there is a fair chance you will be turned down, as four players is our upper limit. Scheduling conflicts and all that.

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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Buck525 » Sat Jun 21, 2014 7:02 am

Well my character is done. You can view it HERE.
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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Solitary Performance » Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:30 am

It's nice to see gestalts outside of 3.5's Unearthed Arcana, personally... but it has such a potential for min/maxing and munchkinism.

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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Iron Heart » Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:33 am

Well aware, Sol, and ready to call out unpleasant interactions. Also, those players aren't all bad. For example, I'm willing to offer help to anyone who asks, whether player or GM.
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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby -ReiMar- » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:33 am

So that's how you make a character sheet...That's a lot of calculations. ^ ^''

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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby David » Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:59 am

There are some interesting rules being used in this one. It is not indicative of normal sheet generation. No offense to this game, as I hope it does well!

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Re: Everglow game (looking for players)

Postby Tamara Bloodhoof » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:02 pm

Do you gain both of the class ability features? So a fighter Barbarian would gain rage, +10 to movement, and a bonus feat at lv 1?

Edit: Re-reading the list makes it seem that way, but I'm still not sure XD

Edit #2: [dice]0[/dice]

Edit#3: Stats
10 (Not this one)

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