Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

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Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

Postby Seraphem » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:17 am

Not sure what thread to stick this in, or even if you all are intersted but, here's the basic backstory/set up for a session I'm about to start with some friends.

The main setting is the town of Windrun, it was just a small, almost overlooked, and unheard of little settlement on the edge of the Empire’s territory. Settled by a group of ponies that were fleeing a series of severe storms that destroyed their village. Being taken in by the Leatherwings (bat ponies) that lived in the caves nearby and forming a new town.

Shortly after the Queens death and the fighting to replace her broke out, an Alicorn named Morning Star arrived. Claiming to be the true chosen heir to The Queen, but unable to take over because nopony else would let him, being driven from the fighting, and seeking to start the empire anew, here. He quickly took over the town, building it up from a small village, to a major city and fortress.

At first, they welcomed him, and ponies flocked to his banner, seeking the strong stability it gave them, versus the chaos that the center of the Empire was devolving into, and the other fringe areas that were being attacked by threats the might of the Empire once kept in check

But, as he grew in power, it became clear, he did not have the best interests of other, or anypony but himself, in mind. He began expanding his power forcibly, at first cloaking it as simply trying to deal with potential threats before they attacked, of bringing order. But as he kept going, it became more and more clear, all he cared about was conquest, power. And when the ponies of Windrun began to rise up, to voice their concern, he started turning his might on them. Turing into a Tyrant, caring only about his own power and sating his own desires.

One day, four adventures came to the town, seeking to end his threat.

-Solaris, Pegasus Paladin of the Sun Queen.

-Selene, His twin sister. Chaos Hunter Inquisitor of The Moon Princess

-Crystalis, Gem Pony Wizard

-Allanon, Unicorn Magus

They were joined by two of the leaders of the ponies in town that were resisting him.

-Lacuna, Leatherwing Rogue, and leader of the dissidents

-The Matron, Her true name lost to history. An Oracle of Sheila, and a matron of the Seekers. Who helped Morning Star rise to power before finding out how evil he really was and seeking to fix her mistake.

And together, the six overthrew him. The magus seemingly lost in the battle, as there is no account of him afterwards, or what his actual fate was.

The five remaning, settling in the town, each one establishing one of what would become the great houses of the town, or some other orgnization that would play a role in the town. And depite how it began, Morning Star did give Windrun a great amount of power, made it strong. These five tempering the strength with kindness, compassion. Using it to defend, not attack, and insuring that the town would become one of the remaining strongholds of ponykind after the fall of the Empire.

Cue several centuries later. Things are starting to go bad. The once united houses letting their differences divide them. Fracturing. The current patriarch of House Crystalis, who should by tradition be the overall leader of the town, as that house has been the one holding politcal power since it’s inception, has refused that honor. For he’s also an alicorn. He doubts his ability to lead, fears being given power, fears being corrupted, becoming another Morning Star, so hides, avoids his responsibilities. Creating a power vacuum that is destabilizing the city.

And so, our party comes to the city. A city where much is hidden, where almost everypony has secrets, some of those may threaten the entire city, undo centuries of hard work. But, as The Matron would have said. Despite her chosen deity never directly manifesting, leaving her creations to their own task. She still watches over them, and sometimes, almsot as if destiny truly was at work, the right ponies will show up at the right place, at the right time

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Re: Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

Postby Seraphem » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:24 am

So far, Houserules/personal changes to the rule book, is that Pegasi start at Poor, instead of Clumsy for flight. And Extreme Design, gives Clockwork ponies an extra +2 to one of their racial bonus stats, as well as the -2.

have some in place for Cavaliers, if that ever comes up. party, is a bit bigger then i'd like but, don't want to tell anyone to sit out.

-Zebra Oracle, focused on healing
-Pegasus Sorcerer focused on Wind/Cloud spells, and Enchanting effects
-Unicorn Sorcerer, focused on Evocation
-Phoenix Wolf Druid, focusing on Natural attacks, and Wild Shape
--His companion is an Otter, that will focus on Stealing things from enemies with the steal maneuver, and just being cute/distraction
-Purrsian Ninja
-Earth pony Bard

I also have a Pegasus ranger character of my own that's only going to be kind of involved. Mostly acts as their guide outside the city, more just for me to tryout some rules and things.

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Re: Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

Postby Glyph Reader » Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:06 pm

Hmm... quite interesting; however, I am curious as to why the characters in the second post are not the same as the characters in the first. When I compare each post, it seems to be speaking of the same campaign.

Personally, I think this would be best posted in the General section, but I would let David be the judge of that :) . This forum is mainly for creating Forum Roleplays (The End... or, The Beginning, Forlorn Vestige, etc. ), if you are wondering.

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Re: Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

Postby Seraphem » Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:52 am

Well like I said, wasn't sure where to put this, if someone wants to move it, go ahead.

The first post is just the backstory. Those are the legendary heroes that made the town what it is, established the major factions that rule it, and whose legacy the leaders of those factions are trying to live up to. The second one was the actual PC's who are coming into town at the present, when unrest is building, the factions are splintering apart, and everything that has stood for centuries is at risk.

Also, next houserule. Spells with the 'Humanoid' target designator. When cast by Ponykind, or any similar race. (I.E. any of the Ponyfinder races) the target descriptor is changed to effect those races.

Basically, ponies, or other races in the book, can cast those spells on each other, but not humanoids. And humanoids can't cast those spells on ponies.

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Re: Ponyfinder Campighn I'm setting up

Postby Seraphem » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:48 am

First Session. Short and not much happened due to RL stuff interfering.

The party was nearing Windrun, still several hours out, but able to see it on the horizon when they were stopped by a pony rushing at them from over a hill ahead. He was out of breath, panicking, and it took some time to get him calmed down enough to speak. He warned the group of having just seen a battle ahead, a group of bandits attacking a caravan.

The Ranger and Ninja slid ahead to scout, slipping over the hill to see if it was clear. Ahead they saw the busted wreck of several wagons and carts, many still, pony shaped forms scattered on the ground. For a moment they thought they saw movement near the center of the wreckage, but it was just a cloud of dust settling. Seeing no threat left they signaled the rest to come up, while the pony that had warned them ran the other way, to scared of the bandits returning.

After searching the battle site, they discovered that the entire caravan seemed to be nothing but Steelhearts, as the only other bodies found were clearly bandits. There was nothing of value left, and near the center, a few up craters, as if a not quite pony sized chunk of dirt had been removed. One of the Steelhearts was badly damage, but still just barely active. He told the party that the bandits had kidnapped somepony that was with the caravan, Cam, the son of heir employer Gear Train. Neither of these names meant anything to the party, and the Steelheart died of his wounds before they could ask more.

After some debate about whether to simply get the town guards or not, they decided to track the bandits themselves, since the Steelheart seemed concerned about something happening to Cam if he wasn't rescued quickly, and they wouldn't be able to make it to the city before dark.

The ranger was able to pick up their trail, leading them to the bandits camp. The entrance was heavily fortified, a small vale in the middle of a bunch of cliffs and hills to steep to climb. The only obvious entrance having a massive wooden wall, patrolled by ponies, and having heavy crossbows mounted on the top of it, as well as a guard tower in the center of camp that would make it impossible to sneak in from the air. The ranger made his way back out of site and took to the air, resting on one of the small clouds overhead he let it drift over the camp, scouting it. He managed to get the overall layout, as well as find a back door, a small, narrow ravine that led to the back of the camp and opened out into an unused part of the vale that was full of undergrowth and would make sneaking easy.

The group managed to make their way around the hills to the back, slipping through the ravine. At the end, they found it was indeed guarded, but the ninja managed to slip through the early evening shadows and take out the guard in one hit. He was still alive, but badly wounded, and slowly bleeding to death from his wound. The party showed mercy, taking time to stabilize his condition, though not waking him up or healing him further in case he gave warning to his friends. They then headed into the vale, slipping through the tall grass and other growth. They made a plan, the ranger would slip as close to the tower as he could, while the rest made for the collection of buildings that likely held the captive. The ranger would fly up and deal with the Griffon manning the tower, keeping him from using the crossbows mounted on it against them, and then being able to use them himself to help them should he need to.

While several of them proved adapt and moving quietly, neither the sorcerer nor the oracle had any skill at this, making enough noise to alert the griffon, though he at first thought it was merely the relief for the pony at the back door heading out, leaning over to talk a bit while the ranger made ready to leap up and deal with him before he noticed his mistake, hoping the rest were in position.

And that's where we stopped due to several RL issues cropping up throughout the night.

Notes: Nothing major gameplay wise, since had no real combat. Story, party found out one of the issues some groups would have to deal with. The differing food requirements for ponies, versus the more carnivorous races like Phoenix Wolves and Purrsians.

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