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[5th Age] Trials across Time and Space - LFP

Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 3:07 pm
by kitmehsu
It began with a door. The door wasn't remarkable in any way, except that there shouldn't have been a door at all. Whether the door was on a wall that you passed a thousand times before or it was in the depths of a cave untouched by civilization’s hands, it stood in clear defiance of where such an otherwise unremarkable door should be. As you gaze upon it, a whisper at the edge of your consciousness promises your heart's desire if you only step through this door. So you do.

On the other side of this unexpected door, you find yourself without a door and instead within a city cobbled together from various times, places, and upward directions. You are not alone, as thousands of others had stepped through their own doorways, men, ponies, and other far stranger things forming a mass around a central platform. Upon this platform stands an individual, whose appearance and even species slips through your mind's grasp like water through a sieve. He speaks.

“Welcome, Guests from across the Everglows! I... am the lord of Rifts and you were chosen because you have great desires dwelling within you. Here, you have the greatest opportunity to fulfill those desires, for if you brave the spheres of my realm,” he explains as he gestures to the spheres that fill an otherwise formless sky, “and survive long enough to overcome all threats to you, you can have what you truly desire. Of course you don’t have to participate, and I can always use more subjects.” At the statement, a murmur of discontent ripples through the crowd. “I’m sorry, but if you had wished to not join this, you should have stayed home in the first place. NOW! Let the games begin!”

This is a 5th Edition DnD ponyfinder game looking for 3 to 5 players of basic or higher experience, to be played weekly through roll20 with voice through google hangouts on either Thursday or Friday after 6pm EST/EDT. I’m looking to start after the 19th of march and I intend to stream the game through youtube.
Characters will start at 5th level with an uncommon magic item and an extra 500 Gold and will be part of a team that attempts to overcome the lord of rift’s trials, while unraveling the mysteries of what is going on and ultimately trying to get their greatest desire granted to them.
This game will be fairly loosely run, and will also aim to gather some playtest data for the 5e version of the bestiary of everglow.
If you’d like an example of how I tend to run a game, you can check out my other game currently on hiatus (here ... 73mf5GL1J6) on youtube where I run the Kingmaker adventure path converted to 5e with ponies added in.

If interested, post what classes or races you'd be interested in playing, what your availability is, and any character concepts you are considering. All races within any cannon book is acceptable.

Who: 3 to 5 players with at least basic experience with 5th edition DnD
What: Characters of 5th level with one uncommon magic item and an extra 500 Gold
When: After the 19th, Thursday or Friday after 6pm EST
Where: Roll20 with Google Hangouts for Voice and Streaming the game
Cannon Books: 5e SRD, 5e Players handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual, Volo's Guide, Elemental Evil player's guide (Spells only), Sword coast Adventures(Class options and spells only), Any Offical Ponyfinder 5e compatible Book (Excluding the older conversion guides).

Re: [5th Age] Trials across Time and Space - LFP

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:01 pm
by SpookyAction
Hello thanks for posting the game.

Name: (Introduces himself as Archer) (Name given by the "gods": Blue Shift) (Family Name: Locke)
Class: Paladin or Cleric
*personal note. I need to look into 5e mechanics coming from 3.5e. Locke, he, would function much better as a ranged Paladin of the Law Domain, serving the pantheon of law deities or the Nature of Law in general) I would like the ability to Smite Chaos from the bow which would be the Enchanted Magical Item. I will have to see if there are spell lists available like that in 5e.
Lv: 5

He followed the Arrow and where it went, he would go to, and here he was in and therefore, by being here, he was supposed to be here, for nothing good came from chance - Locke assured himself he was "good". He looked nervously around, the lack of rules smelled only of magic and of things with no form or perhaps a form not understood or perhaps a form unable to be understood; the disorder around him, of things appearing and disappearing in random fashion through countless portals and doors, put him in ill humor for he hated Chaos. He looked for some flag, or some [i]Sigil, to see who the authority of this place was. Instead he continued to see only a labyrinth of alien civilizations and living things that spanned for an uncertain distance in uncertain dimensions. He doubted this "Lord", this gamemaster.
Locke - a blue pony in blue garb - had not noticed that he was flossing his teeth and biting the string to his revered bow - a weapon of order, the greatbow herself named Catharsis and the Quiver: Moria. "Perhaps he had put too much faith into Law?" a thought far removed from the Pegasus's active consciousness as he self-soothed with his bowstring in his mouth. Locke groaned as he felt a hollow pain from his stiff wings, the compulsion to notch an arrow grew. The Archer had mourned the stiffening of his wings but this was the price to pay to pull the bow, to follow Law, to prevent another Fall of Everglow. [/i]

Fitting Music:

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Re: [5th Age] Trials across Time and Space - LFP

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:23 am
by kitmehsu
Glad to see your interest, I take it your character is a Chaos hunter Pegasus? First, basic 5e info can be found here ( or ) though Wotc isn't as open as paizo so the information is less. As for you concept, first, paladins are almost entirely melee in 5e, with most of their abilities requires a melee weapon attack to function. second, alignment is mostly sidelined, as paladins have no alignment restrictions( instead following the tenants of specific oath they take), detecting Celestials, Fiends, and undead instead of evil and can smite anyone, though it's more of spending spells for damage boosts that are more effective against fiends and undead.

Also just a design note here for you, each class in 5e has an archetype built into its progression. Where as in pathfinder you'd swap out abilities, in 5e you gain abilities from your archetype at preselected levels. Anyways, once the game gets a start date figured out, I'll be glad to help out with character creation, and even pull info out of the books I have if you don't have access to them.

We also have another player interested, Radical Dishonesty, whom you may recognize if you watch our overlord's 5e Game stream, is looking to play a Unicorn fighter or similar, using the Horn magic Feet.

(PS. I saw your facebook post, but I really don't post at all there. If you lost your password, you can click the forgot password to recover it, right?)

Re: [5th Age] Trials across Time and Space - LFP

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:21 am
by kitmehsu
Quick update: Created a LFG roll20 page for this game, check it out here: ... -and-space

Re: [5th Age] Trials across Time and Space - LFP

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:53 am
by EquestrianScholar
Greetings and salutations again, I didn't realize you'd also posted for your campaign here. Funny enough I actually had an account here and stopped by to snag my information for Mythos so I could offer it in the thread I created on Roll20.