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Official FAQ & Errata

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:14 am
by David
This thread will be where answers to questions are posted for all to find easily and using a uniform layout. When enough errata style corrections are found, they will be implemented into the pdf and a new printing of the book will be made available.

Blade Turning pelt, that's a lot of feats! Did you intend that?
Take blade turning only once, then upgrade its effect by 1 for every additional time you take tough as rocks.

Day Wing appears to not be obtainable, how can you be a pegasus and a leatherwing at once?
There should be an 'or' between them. Either race qualifies for this feat.

Night Wing's special is confusing. Does everyone get 90 feet darkvision?
The special should read: If you already possess darkvision, extend it by 30 feet instead.

Curiosity's Lightning Wall is too powerful! Did you mean for it to be?
Change duration to Concentration + 1 rd/level
Add the following text: Once a creature passes or fails a stun effect from this spell, they are immune to further saves of the same stun(1 round or 1d4 rounds).

Does the saddle rack count as two handed for strength damage and other related effects?
So long as you do not use another manufactured weapon in the same full attack, it does. Using more than one manufactured weapon at a time falls under the two-weapon fighting rules.

Distant Strike from Natural Magus, how does this work?
Calculate cover and firing into melee as per a thrown ranged attack with a weapon with a 30' range increment and a maximum of 1 increment. The magus may use their normal melee abilities and effects(Power attack, for instance), and it still uses strength. Note that this is a standard action, so iterative attacks and charges are impossible, and it is not applicable for use as an attack of opportunity.

Re: Official FAQ & Errata

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:04 pm
by David
Official Errata file now in the first post!