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Ghostly's Art Thread

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:30 pm
by GhostlyMuse
Hey guys! I'm Ghostly and I'm an upperclassman and freelance illustrator attending the Columbus College of Art and design. I vended at Bronycon very recently and was approached by a couple different members of the Ponyfinder booth looking for new illustrators for the book.

I had my eye on the Kickstarter for the new book, intending to use some of my profits to back it once I got back home. At the con, however, I was thrilled at the prospect to potentially work with the Ponyfinder team. I bought both of the main campaign settings and immediately fell in love- as both a fan of MLP and an avid Roleplayer and Tabletop games enthusiast this was a bit of a mix of everything I loved.

As of now, I've backed the Kickstarter and will be getting my Ponysona and OC into the book! I'm incredibly excited for it and have taken the time to create an illustration of her and her familiar to share with you all.


(Larger image here- )

Anyway, here’s a little blurb about both of them, though the final biography in the book will likely be a bit more detailed on Ghostly’s part.

Ghostly Muse- a Pegasus Sorceress of the Unification Bloodline which has gifted her with a magical horn in tandem with her wings. Her natural talents in art and an insatiable curiosity for ancient history give her the drive she needs to pursue her magical skills in order to uncover the ancient secrets of Everglow. She has a knack for dealing with the undead and you can more often than not find her deep within forgotten tombs- illustrating the history of the cultures she finds there, as well as her own adventures.

Behind her is her familiar and ghostly companion Gaiihl- a former Pharaoh in life and Unfulfilled in death who was assisted by a sympathetic and young Ghostly, and completed his task that had burdened him and shed the binds of his tragic death that kept him linked to the mortal realm. An ancient and powerful spirit, he expressed his thanks by becoming both her familiar and mentor in Sorcery. While he is powerful in the Ethereal plane, he is able to do little on the mortal planes- limited to little more than an extra set of eyes, ears, and able to lift some smaller objects. However, he more than makes up for this with his kind, caring personality, his skills as a conversationalist, and loyalty to those he calls friends.

In conclusion, you'll probably find me posting more Ponyfinder based artwork here as time goes on- assuming I can find free time in between my classes. I guess you could also call it a bit of a portfolio too! And if anyone is looking for illustrations of their characters, I'm always open for commissions. So thanks and enjoy!

Re: Ghostly's Art Thread

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:48 pm
by David
Welcome aboard! And I imagine we met at Bronycon. Nice art, and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Perhaps some of your work can sneak into the new book, hmm... We'll see!

Re: Ghostly's Art Thread

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:15 am
by TaliaKirana
Ooh, that's some gorgeous art.

Re: Ghostly's Art Thread

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:08 pm
by GhostlyMuse
TaliaKirana wrote:Ooh, that's some gorgeous art.

Thank you!

Here's another piece that I'm working on now- I can't stop drawing tiny horses!
This is just a work in progress at the moment that will end up much like the first piece I posted here.


Larger image-

Back when Ghostly was a few years younger than she is now, she was sent by her parents off to Murrage- the great desert city of riches. Having not been blessed with her Brand of Destiny yet, they encouraged her to pursue her artistic skills and interests in Ancient Desert cities and cultures, hoping that her brand would soon follow. On the way there, she was separated from the caravan she'd been traveling with in a sandstorm- falling through the desert sands there and deep into an underground City-Tomb, massive and sprawling in its size. Unable to go back the way she came, she journeyed on looking for escape. Instead she came across her signature lantern- taken from the skeletal corpse of a failed adventurer.

She soon realized that she'd never happened upon this site in her studies due to the fact that anyone who'd discovered it possibly never made it out alive, and she feared that she'd soon become one of them as she crossed the path of an Unfulfilled who soon gave chase. The young mare, unskilled in the ways of combat, ran and hid and fled for what seemed like ages- the spirit hunting her down mercilessly.

In her desperation, she came across a pillar of stone, carved with ancient glyphs of protection against evil and defense for the expansive tomb. It was unfinished and the scaffolding undoubtedly ancient. She mentally offered up a prayer to Princess Luminace and began work dismantling the worn scaffolding. When the Unfulfilled came upon her again, the tower toppled, crushing his form while the protective glyphs glowed brightly- making it unable to escape. However, before she could flee, it let out a cry of anguish and frustration and begged her not to leave. Like this, it would be trapped in this world forever.

The Unfulfilled told her of his tragic death- once a great Pharaoh whose life was cut short. He needed to know that in his death, he hadn't failed his people. While young Ghostly Muse knew of the innate deception that the undead held, she sensed only sadness and desperation in his words. So in her sympathy, and not without a certain amount of naivety, she offered herself as a host for the spirit so he might complete his task and pass on to the ether.

When the whole affair was finished the Unfulfilled, eternally grateful, shed his chains and the negative energy that had kept him bound to the mortal realm. The spirit of Pharaoh Gaiihl, now himself as he truly was, offered the young mare his teachings and friendship, which she accepted. Her Brand appeared soon afterwards.

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Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:12 pm
by David
You are clearly inspired. Thanks for sharing the art with us.

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Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 4:36 pm
by Steel_Prism
Love the art, its always nice to see new artist sharing on the forum.

Re: Ghostly's Art Thread

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:33 pm
by TheJar
Love the art! Also in Columbus, I used to room with some CCAD students down by BOMA. Glad you can join us, will probably shoot you a comm request when decide on what I'm looking for. :eeyup: