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Just finished writing a short story about Ponyfinder.

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:37 pm
by ryanwraith1
I'm probably going to use this in a future Campaign, but here it is if you guys wanted to check it out.

I had just finished a grand quest for her divine grace, Queen Liliana. Me and my companions, as noble (and somewhat foolish) as they were, were always happy to help the Empire for our own reasons. I, as a Paladin on the Sun Queen, was always seeking to further her favored ruler’s goals to keep Ponykind from returning to the days of tribal bickering and squalor. My other companions had their own reasons, that was for certain, but I dare not ask, as each pony is her own.

My companions were a brave bunch. Bees, a Ghost Pony who no longer recalls his actual name and just refers to himself as his favored animal, was a Cleric of some Goddess. Whenever I asked him who he worshiped, he would always tell me that he did not wish to hinder our friendship. For a while after that I was cautious of him, but he eventually showed me the justice of his ways. Winter, a Pursian wizard who despised any other season other than his namesake was a jolly feline. A bit stupid, but nonetheless a clever cat. Finally, the Steelheart fighter whose name I can’t quite remember, was a large dumb hooligan, but his heart was in the right place. Come to think of it, I do not remember much of the Steelheart.

The three of them had met at Port Mareheart, but I met them in the town of Turves, a town I am quite fond of. We had been on a few adventures, some of which not too mention able, like guarding an Aristocrat who thought he would be killed by Dopplegangers that never arrived. Some of which more memorable, like the time we hunted down a Vampire to the town of Las Palaminas, where we quickly exposed her to the authorities.

But none were quite like this. No, I am not referring to the Chalice I got for her lady Lilianas treasury, I am referring to the unfortunate events afterword’s. Whenever I and companions would do a quest for her divine grace, we would never meet her personally. Except for the first time which involved finding a rebel agent in her council, which succeeded greatly.

As we prepared to leave the down, we saw an intriguing sight, twelve dozen fully grown dragons flew over Viljatown. At first we were in awe, but I quickly broke off my daze just before one the great drakes slammed into the central tower were the queen was located. Ponys of all kinds screamed out at the sight, but I rushed towards the palace ready to save the survivors. My companions took a while to get their bearings but they quickly caught up to me.

By the time we reached the ruins of the palace, the city was in flames. Fillies crying out to their mothers, colts shouting for aid as they looked down at poor bleeding out father. Bees helped as many as he could, but in the end we knew we could not save them all. As Bees stayed behind to aid the wounded, the rest of my allies rushed forward towards the Palace ground.
When we arrived, we discovered royal guards, some slain, some wounded, some standing tall, fighting against Ponies wearing black chain mail, with the emblem of dragons marked on their shields. I looked around, seeking out a familiar face, fighting these invaders as I did so. Eventually, I found the head of the Guard, Steel Prism, and now with an eye plucked out of its socket, yet still fighting. Lord Prism shouted to us “Bees and friends,” he cried out, blood leaking from his eye “The Drakehooves are attacking, we always thought they were too weak to attack Viljatown, but hear they are!” Winter cried out “We need to find the Queen, Golden Dawn go look fo-“ Winter was interrupted by Steel Prism “No, shes…” his gaze turned up towards a Dragon swooping down towards him. “Shes already dead.” I summoned up my divine power, striking out at any of the Drakehooves that sought to harm any more innocent ponies this day. “Woah, woah, wait, how do you know she is dead? No one should have been able to finish a search this fast.” The Steelheart inquired.

Steel Prism finished the last Drakehoove in the wave. “Shes been dead,” Steel was a strong stallion, but despite that I could see the grief in his eyes. “She been dead for at least a year now.” I looked towards Steel Prism, a look of confusion on my face. “What do you mean she has been dead, who has been giving us orders to go on quests?” Steel looked off into the distance to see if any more Drakehooves were coming, and of course they were. “I have,” he said, readying his weapons. “We are keeping this a secret, we did not want an uproar because of her death.” He explained. I would have called out the word ‘why’, but an arrow struck my shoulder. The only thing I could call out was agonizing pain as some unknown liquid seeped into my blood. I pulled the arrow out with my teeth and drew my sword. Winter jumped down on top of a group of Drakehooves, slashing out their vocal chords. The Steelheart, charging in holding a giant mace in his mouth, slamming it into the incoming attackers. I turned around to see Steel Prism in melee combat with a great drake. On the back of the Drake, an Earthbound sorcerer sat, shouting foul incantations.

As I looked across the battlefield, watching brave Imperials die at the hooves of Pony and dragon alike, a deep feeling came over me. I looked up, and saw a Dragon silhouetted by the sun, breathing fire down towards me. I raised my shield and the fire rained down to the side of me. Then I lunged up with my blade, striking the dragon chest, a great spout of blood pouring out of its breast. I exited by blade from the Dragon, turned around and saw one of the invaders charging at was with a mourningstar. As he charged at me, the flame surrounding him fueled me in some kind of way I never felt before. I dipped my blade into the dragons fire, and struck out towards the challenger, killing him in two blows. When his lifeless body fell to the ground, I looked up to see a group of Drakehooves surrounded by Imperials. One by one each of them dropped their sword, I looked up to the sky, saw a wizard of ponykind casting some great spell, as Pegasi fought the Dragons in the sky. When the mage finished, all the dragons disappeared, along with the mage. I turned back to the surrendering Drakehooves, each of them begging for their life.

I looked down at them, the great divine fire in my chest still burning. It felt so similar to that of the Sun Queens, yet so different. For the first time in my life, I struck down an unarmed pony, not just one, but all eight of them. “Golden Dawn, what have to done!?” I looked behind me to see Steel Prism, mouth agape, looking at the blood on my blade. I thought for a moment, looking down at them. I looked at him, just as surprised as he was, but finally, I cleared my head “They… they were guilty, Steel Prism, you should understand, they were here to destroy the peace that had withstood for hundreds of years. They should not feel our mercy.” I said, trying to justify my means. For the first time in my life, I had killed something that no longer wanted to fight. But that is not what frightened me the most. But what did frightened me the most, was that I felt great from doing so. I felt great. I looked at the dead bodies I had created, the rage in my veins no longer pulsing. My anger had subsided, and it felt greater than anything the Sun Queen had reassured me with. Steel Prism shook his head at me. “Some champion of the Sun Queen.” He whispered to himself, turning around to see a crowd of citizens and gathered around, looking at the destroy palace. “The Queen, she is dead.” One cried out “Who will lead us?” another called Steel Prism just looked at the crowd, then turned to the party. “We do not have an heir.” He announced to the crowd “We have none.” He shouted out. “The Empire is doomed!” ponies of all types cried out similar things “The Sun Queen has abandoned us!” I looked at the dirt and blood on the ground. I just walked away.

Months later, I was meet with even worse news. The Empire collapsed completely, the remains scattered apart, left to rot. Then the Humans came in, like Vultures, the rats of the sky they swooped down conquering our old lands, and taking our birthright. I went seeking out those I knew. Steel Prism, was lost to history, I never saw him again after that, the last thing we did together, was yelling at each other in anger. I looked for my lover, only to find that she had become a Paladin to a Human god. I saw the Humans treating us like animals, like slaves. That was when I had enough. That was when I decided to act…

Re: Just finished writing a short story about Ponyfinder.

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:47 pm
by David
* Iliana. Going to move this over to art though.

Re: Just finished writing a short story about Ponyfinder.

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:54 pm
by ryanwraith1
Go right ahead. :)

Re: Just finished writing a short story about Ponyfinder.

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:34 pm
by Steel_Prism
I do like read story's about myself and feel you have capture Steel Prism well. :)