All Hail the Queen!

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Re: All Hail the Queen!

Postby David » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:21 am

Flight(30ft, clumsy). Comes with wings.
Ability to use Unseen Servant as a spell-like ability 2/day. Comes with a horn.
Earth-Bound racial trait. Comes with a subtle hardening of lines and toughening of physique.
Gain fire resistance 5. Comes with a mild increase in body temperature and tanning of fur color.
Gain darkvision 60'. Measure time in minutes instead of rounds for allowable amount per day. Comes with pronounced canines and leathery wings if wings are present.
Ability to deflect incoming ray attacks 1/day as per deflect arrows. Comes with Crystalline pelt. May only be taken at level 13.
Ability to take 10 on swim checks, even when distracted. Comes with small fins on all legs. May only be taken at level 13.
Ability to grow once a day as per enlarge self. Comes with a 25% size increase(does not affect size category). May only be taken at level 13.
Twice per day, may cross to or from the ethereal. Comes with a lengthening of limbs. May only be taken at level 13.

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