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Re: City - Blevik

Postby TheStratovarian » Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:44 pm

Well, in thinking about the city, and so much of it being tied to three central tenets, deception, control, and information. And those falling into folks that run the city because its being in their family for ages. The city has an arabic feel to it, in how its a city where you can find everything for trade, for a price of course.

But ultimately, you have to get the okay from from the old rulers, of one of those three tenets. Deception, those whom are there to cause trouble, for those 'disruptions' that occur, of someone whom likely plies and regulates the illegal. The assassins, the mimics, those whom trouble the cities grand nature.

That of control, the caliph, sultan, or what term fits here. The judge and crooked jury, the laws whom play upon the select elite, with wording that would make a lawyer shed a tear in its power to some. The face of a caring, but an impassionate leader, whom answers to none but his own rule.

And that of information, the grand spies of spies, whom controls and sets the strings for which this spider's web is sewn. Fangs amongst those who police themselves. Where a species this included into the depth of being more beneath the eye, one adheres to a power that the truth must be impartial, and information unfiltered, good or evil, for when you subvert what you hear... The spiral is dark, and the rampancy that could occur will leave a nasty wake.

I love the city, love the idea, and just see it as a kind of place that is rife with so much, and for character ideas that appeal to me as well. :)

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Re: City - Blevik

Postby Solitary Performance » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:25 pm

This is the drawing board, this is "My Favorite City" on the map. My brain decided to hit a further point for me. I present to the drawing board a little running headcanon/homebrew:
The Blevik Academy of the Performing Arts... I'd have to look at the rules for bardic colleges and stuff, but it could totally be the bard version of a stocked college with library... People to share what they know in the Perform skills, possibly a small library of musical scores and plays, courses with set and theater construction tips, like "How to make a theater out of 3 tables, 2 10' poles, a bedsheet, and a fishing line." I see it organized into three "people will kill me" named wings.

East wing: The Celestial Wing. This wing, facing the rising sun, is adorned with a motif befitting the Sun Queen and typically fields performers (and performances) of the singing, dancing, and instrumental varieties.
West wing: The Lunar Wing. This wing, facing the setting sun, is a darker, more somber hued wing. Catering more to the stage performing arts, be it opera, plays, or just orchestral work, this wing is themed with a mix of the benevolence of the Moon Princess, and the darker malice of the Night Mare, much like the classic theatrical mix of humor and tragedy.
Central wing: The Chrysalis. Less a wing of performers and performances, and more a knowledge depository, the central area of the Academy is where the knowledge is kept, and the workshops and visible projects are done; where knowledge grows in the mind, to burst forth creatively like a butterfly from its chrysalis cocoon. Here is where set design is worked through, where fresh bards, carpenters, or people with a talent for song and no training to bend it, start their path to be greater than they are... assuming they aren't consumed by the city. Like the other two wings, the central region has a divine motif, but very subtle, befitting the city and the goddess behind its power; otherwise unbiased decorum baring subtle designs in Kara's name.

Yes, by all means, hoist me by my petard when you realize the names of my wings.

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