City - Deephome

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City - Deephome

Postby David » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:11 am

Dwarves deserve some love too:

Population Metropolis - 36,461 (94% dwarf, 4% ponykin, 2% other)
Government Hereditary Monarchy
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Deephome is the name most commonly used by outsiders. Its name, translated to the common tongue, is Undercrag to any dwarf. It is one of several great dwarven halls hewed from the stone of Everglow. Deephome is noteworthy for being connected to the great railway, making it the most accessible of the halls by far. Until the collapse of the empire, anyone with the funds can board the rail in Viljatown and arrive in Deephome within the day.
During this time, the city thrived, welcoming tourists, though discouraging immigrants. Those without dwarven blood that live in these halls are the results of those who have performed great deeds for the dwarven kings. Such people are named honorary clan members, and their descendants are welcome in Deephome and other dwarven halls.
When the pony empire fell to disarray and war threatened to tear the order of the nation apart, the dwarves withdrew from their once allies. The railway itself was demolished with explosives, sealing the most known entrance to Deephome. Like ponykind, dwarves went through a long period of isolation and shared in their surprise when they emerged to find the political landscape was so changed.
In the post empire times, Deephome is the only dwarven hall with any contact with the outside world. They engage in cautious trade with the elven and human nations, but remain largely independent. Traders and travelers are permitted in the city, but only in the foreign quarter. While some dwarves protest this intense isolation, most who object choose instead to emerge into the light and seek their fortunes. If words can't convince, perhaps deeds could.

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