Archetype - Elemental Savant

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Archetype - Elemental Savant

Postby David » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:29 am

Elemental Savant(Druid)
Everglow resides in a state of intense, but gracefully balanced, friction between elemental planes. Some druids are drawn towards that interplay, becoming quite gifted in the arts of elementalism above that of naturalism as the vibrant energy of the world flows through them.
Wild Empathy (Ex): An elemental savant can use wild empathy on elementals instead of animals.
Elemental Bond: A savant that chooses a domain must select an elemental one(Such as water, fire, etc…)
Totemic Summons (Su): At 5th level, a savant may cast summon nature's ally as a standard action when summoning elementals, and summoned elementals gain temporary hit points equal to her druid level. She can apply the young template to any elemental to reduce the level of the summoning spell required by one. She can also increase the level of summoning required by one in order to apply either the advanced or the giant template, or increase it by two to apply both the advanced and giant templates. This ability replaces a thousand faces. To determine what elementals are available, see the summon monster of the same tier.
Wild Shape (Su): At 6th level, a savant's wild shape ability functions at her druid level – 2. If she takes on the form of an elemental, she instead uses her druid level + 2.

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