Gem Ponies

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Gem Ponies

Postby David » Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:16 pm

They had one short paragraph, unacceptable. I added more detail as follows. Feedback welcome.

Your kingdom came to be before the Queen and her empire took hold in the world. The Kingdom of Crystals stood as a gleaming jewel just scant few miles north from where Blevik would later be founded. Very progressive for its time, it welcomed ponies of many tribes within its solid walls. Also advanced were its laws, which were comprehensive and, in the eyes of its people, just. Ponies were judged by their accomplishment and strength of character, as opposed to their tribe.

It is said that the crystalline pelt that characterizes the modern day gem pony was once a rare marker of crystal kingdom royalty, only shared with the populace with great sorcery and holiday ritual. When the kingdom collapsed, undone by war with less cooperative neighbors and internal strife from those who sought greater power, the trait vanished entirely for over a hundred years. Most scholars agree that to be born with the gem-like fur coat is a sign of destiny, as sure as any brand, towards greatness and overwhelming purpose. Their kingdom may be gone, but the radiance of their hearts lives on through their descendants to cast light in the darkest of places.

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