Monster - Unfulfilled

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Monster - Unfulfilled

Postby David » Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:53 pm

Much simpler than the swarm, as it's basically a thematic reskinning. I present:

Unfulfilled CR 7
The vague form of a pony approaches, chains dangling where it should have a mane. Its brand of destiny seems almost solid, unlike the rest of its wispy visage. Its black eyes gaze towards you with an unaging hunger.

As per ghost with the following exceptions.

Unfulfilled are ponies that have died in the middle of a task they consider to be vital to their life's destiny, usually in an unusually sudden and/or traumatic fashion. Occasionally, an unfulfilled can be created when a pony dies thinking their destiny never had a chance. In death, they seek out others to finish the task and lash out angrily at all others. They all possess the malevolence ghost ability and use it eagerly on any ponykind that appears capable of making their destiny complete. This ability only functions on ponykind.
While a pony is possessed by an unfulfilled, their brand of destiny becomes that of the unfulfilled. If their flank is uncovered, this may be the only clue their friends have as to their sudden strange behavior.
When an unfulfilled has accomplished their task, they immediately depart the material plane to peaceful rest, to trouble the living no longer. If their host was willing and cooperative, they may whisper a secret as they go, but there are no assurances when dealing with the undead, save for their innate malevolence.

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