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Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:29 am
by David
Related to the sun cats, purrsians(pronounced persians) are a winged feline race that rose to sentience before ponykind. Unlike sun cats, purrsians enjoy the amassing of wealth and this caused them to settle into towns as opposed to the nomadic lifestyle of the sun cats. They came into contact with ponykind when ponykind first ventured into the desert. The sun ponies have since enjoyed a friendly relation with the purrsians overall, with a few exceptions.

Physical Description: They are larger than ponies by a head in height and some additional body length. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, from rosette spots to stripes, to solid colors. Like ponies, their coloration can come from any portion of the spectrum, but tend to be matching colors, unlike the clashing riot that are the flutterponies. They have long tails, sharp teeth, and sharper claws. These claws are sharp and hard enough that they are commonly used in crafting, even to etch and work at precious gems. On their back is a large pair of feathery wings, usually of the same color and pattern as the rest of their coat. Purrsians are omnivores that require meat but enjoy fresh fruits when available, especially in the form of drinks.

Society: Purrsians value the amassing of wealth. Success is measured by how much a purrsian can surround him or herself with. They enjoy opulence, relaxation, and showing off. These traits are, perhaps, why they never formed an empire of their own, choosing instead to show off from within the confines of the pony empire, while it lasted. Traveling purrsians are often bedecked in their most lustrous, and portable, jewelry so as to demonstrate their wealth and strength of character to all that see them.
They are eager traders. Not every purrsian covets the same treasure. While one desires ancient scrolls, another is wild for rubies, so trading developed early and wide. What one cat merely enjoys, some other purrsian, or even another race, is desperate for. All the better to get the treasure they truly want. This has made purrsians welcome in most cities, as they tend to arrive burdened with trade goods and leave with just as much local product, making for delighted merchants.

Relations: Purrsians enjoy good relations with most sentient races willing to trade. Their opulent dress does much to assuage humanoids, getting them in the door where sun cats would be turned away. Rogue purrsians are terrible things, hunting wherever they wish with no concern for anything but their own hide and their pursuit of their chosen valuables.

Alignment: The race as a whole leans mildly towards evil, with their penchant for selfishness. This selfishness is usually tempered by respect for the rules of the society. They want everything, but most purrsians will play by those rules to get it. They're just out to win, everyone else be damned. While many purrsians fall around lawful evil, an individual can be of whatever alignment calls to them. There are selfless purrsians, but they are in the minority. A burning purrsian house will draw ten of their neighbors. Six will offer their services to build a new house, at a fair rate, one will offer a discount, one will be sneaking over to see if anything valuable might be rescued from the flames, and two will be trying to put out the fire.

Adventurers: The draw of the adventurer's life is that of hidden treasure. The idea that they could get an artifact that none of their, less bold, neighbors could dream of having is enough to propel a young purrsian into the unknown in pursuit of the ultimate treasure. As adventuring partners, purrsians can be a little difficult to deal with, thinking of themselves before others. They are not stupid, however, and most quickly learn that the success of the party means their own success.

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Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:33 pm
by David
How about a race trait or two?

Earth Dreamer(Race, Purrsian): You have learned the distinctive shines of brass against well polished gold, rose gold, copper, and other metals. You adore them all, but will not be fooled by them. You have a +2 trait bonus to appraise and it become a class skill.
Sky Dreamer(Race, Purrsian): In the deep of night, you can remember when your people where one with the sky. Your air spells are cast with a DC increased by 1.

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Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:15 am
by IryokuHikari
I love the flavor of earth dreamer. It fits so well with the racial concept. Me Gusta.

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Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:13 am
by Littera
Although I didn't find it, I hope it isn't answered anywhere else.
Which gods do purrsians worship? Are their gods feline versions of pony deities as they are for Sun Cats?

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Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:24 am
by David
They worship the feline gods, that being the Sun King and the Huntress. You can find more info on the huntress in the griffon book.