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Re: Cloudsmith archetype

Postby Felyon » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:12 pm

Mhm, that sounds good. Why not say that unless reduced to the negative of their total HP they can reform?

Now, the Cloudsmith's first feat is actually meant to drastically reduce bookkeeping, and make game so much better for non-magical characters. Fighters, Barbarians, and the other weapon wielders should be the class for beginners or those that just want to relax without having to keep tons of notes. Yet they have to keep an entire golf bag of weapons and entire lists of equipment. You need at least a source of slashing, impact, and piercing damage, and then have them in cold iron, silver, adamantium, etc, while magic just works on everything around your level.

With cloudshaping they could form their cloud lance into a cloud hammer or cloud greatsword. And the low price for special materials means that they can have them all early. Next comes that you have to keep track of arrows, lengths of rope, number of caltrops, and who knows what else. Now you just keep a fixed list and tell the DM that every short rest you restock as long as you got a source of vapour ready.

An other major complaint, and the reason why I never play those classes, is how useless they are in everything but fighting and other action hero stuff. For instance, when the casters are setting up camp, the tanks twiddle their thumbs. But now they can be setting up fortifications, beds, a shower, or even a bridge and a cart.

If you take the next feat then you can expand your options. The idea for the "one hit only" cloud weapons was that this could still be used for lightning arrows and spears. In essence the cloudsmith has an endless supply of them--or to push in a big thundercloud as a cannon. Other types of energy can be gathered but is harder and rewards creativity.

How about hiding most of the cloud in the bushes and only a thin line of it stretches over the path as a tripwire lightning trap? Or a doorbell :P Another could be to put a cloud on the bottom of a pitfall.

The final feat gives these classes a limited form of Use Magic Device. Someone else can activate the effect that the cloudsmith wishes to put in a cloud and then they can "activate" it by Cloud Kicking it to the target.

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