Houserules for the game I'm running.

Share and review houserules for Ponyfinder.
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Houserules for the game I'm running.

Postby Seraphem » Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:56 pm

okay so down in the tavern I have the starting backstory and set up for a campaighn I'm going to be starting tomorrow. Have a list of a few houserules there, but figure I'd post just the rules here without the rest of the stuff. So far, houserules we are using for our game.

-Pegasi start at (poor) flight not clumsy. Just, really don't like them starting that low.
-Extreme Design. Also boosts one of the Clockwork's racial stat bonuses by two, in addition to the -2. Mostly because to me, it feels like they get really ripped off on racial stuff. All negative, no positives aside from the not needing the sleep/eat/breath Which is countered with the no rezzing.
-Spells with the target specified as 'humanoid' have that target changed to ponies (ponies also meaning the non-pony Everglow races) when cast by one. Meaning a pony can cast those spells on other ponies, but not on humanoids, while humanoids can't cast them on ponies.

Non-pony related rules. Just because

-Yeah I'm one of those players/GM's that dislikes deaths for PC's from just bad luck, or really in general. Any damage that reduces a character to less then 0 HP stops at -1, leaving the character alive, but dying unless they make their stabilization roll.

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Re: Houserules for the game I'm running.

Postby Necrose » Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:18 pm

Well, in Pathfinder, characters get their Constitution score as negative HP before they actually die, and a couple of third-party classes get abilities that add half their class level to the negative HP they need to drop to before actually dying, so they get a few rounds longer to stabilize and get healed than in D&D. I tend to make characters with high CON anyway, so it's nice to know Death's Door expands each time I add a point to their CON score in addition to more HP to go through before reaching that point in the first place.

But yeah, I totally agree that characters dying from bad luck sucks.

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