Ninja ponies

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Ninja ponies

Postby Xinef » Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:04 pm

I'm working on a nation of ninja ponies for my games and I've decided to make a Ponyfinder/Everglow version.

As of now I have some of the lore and some of the stats written down. More to come. I still have much to read when it comes to Ponyfinder books, so I'm not entirely familiar with Everglow's history and lore. As such, it'll take me some time to fit my ideas into the world at large.

For the record, while these ponies refer to themselves as "ninja ponies", they are in fact based on both the ninja and samurai, and in general feudal Japanese culture. Also, they're not meant to be a 100% accurate replica of said culture, but have some "rule of cool", some "exaggerated stereotypes" and some deliberate differences - for example in feudal Japan commoners had few privileges compared to nobles, while in case of ninja ponies commoners are allowed (and eager) to imitate the warrior caste. Which the nobles appreciate, because it confuses their enemies and foreign spies when they can't tell a noble from a commoner apart. Not to mention that many nobles will go on espionage missions, so "dressing up as commoners" becomes that much easier when you can just use your normal clothes, because they're all the same.

I should also mention that I originally created ninja ponies for the Equestrian settings, and the artwork (a commission made by Vitaj) reflects that. The Everglow variant will not hold weapons with their hooves, except maybe for leg-mounted monk weapons and such.

Critique and suggestions are welcome.

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