[5th Age] Paladin - Oath of the Night Monarch

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[5th Age] Paladin - Oath of the Night Monarch

Postby kitmehsu » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:25 am

Sometimes, the life of a paladin takes a turn down a darker path. Perhaps out of a desire for a greater good, perhaps out of earnest ambition, or perhaps just out of pure desperation, but the result is the same, an oath sworn to the Night Mare herself. Calling themselves the true kings and queens of the night, these dark paladins are more commonly known as Night Tyrants.

Though the specific standards of this oath may vary, paladins of this order share these tenets:

Dominance - Subvert your foes instead of eliminating them whenever possible, for it is better to add their strength to yours instead of weakening yourself against them

Rulership - Care well for those who hold fealty to you, for it is weakness to squander their strength

Independence - Do not bow to the authority of those weaker than you. Bide your time if you must, but in the end, the strong must command the week

Ambition - Do not grow complacent on your victories. One who does nothing while their foes grow stronger is soon overrun.

Oath Spells
3rd Command, Hideous Laughter
5th Suggestion, Darkvision
9th Bestow Curse, Vampiric Touch
13th Confusion, Dominate Beast
17th Geas, Conjure Elemental

Channel Divinity
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
Treacherous Madness - As an action, you may spend a use of channel divinity to choose a creature within 30ft. The target’s mind is flooded with maddening images and must make a Wisdom save or become charmed by you for the next minute. While charmed this way, the target loses the ability to distinguish between friend or foe and, if left to their own devices, must move toward closest creature other than you and use their action attack it, using any extra attacks they may have. The target creature makes a Wisdom saving throw at the end of each of their turns to end this effect, and makes this save with advantage if they damaged a particularly beloved ally, such as a lover or family member during the current turn.
You may attempt to guide maddened creature towards a desired target as an action, provided you can communicate with it, by making a charisma(Persuasion or Deception) check against the DC of 10 + creature’s wisdom(Insight). If you are successful, the afflicted creature moves towards another creature of your choosing on its next turn instead of the closest one and attacks it if able.
Night’s shroud - As an action, you create a wave of shadows emanating from you that last for 1 minute. All creatures, except for those designate as allies, treat normal light as dim and dim light as darkness. Affected creatures with darkvision instead find that it does not work within the radius, but are otherwise unaffected.

Aura of Preservation
At 7th level, you emit an aura that keeps your tools, current and potential, from expiring. As long as you are conscious, all creatures within 10ft of you who are reduced to 0 hit points from at least 1 hit point become stable instead of dying. Once a creature has benefited from this effect, until they take a short rest, if they attack the you or target you with harmful abilities or magical effects, they must succeed a wisdom saving throw or take a different action. Any creature immune to the charmed condition automatically succeeds their save.
At 18th level the range of this aura increases to 30ft.

Binding Mercy
At 15th level, when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points you may expend a use of channel divinity and chose to leave it living. It must then succeed a wisdom saving throw or it becomes charmed by you for the next 30 days. While it is charmed by you you may at any point as an action issue it a command as long as the creature is on the same plane of existence. Doing applies effects of the geas spell for the remaining duration. This effect can be removed through the remove curse, greater restoration, or wish spell.

Irresistible Force
At 20th level, you can choose a creature within 30ft of you who must make a wisdom saving throw or becomes charmed for 1 hour. Creatures with an intelligence of 6 or less have disadvantage on this save, and a creature can chose to willingly fail the save.
While the creature is charmed, it gains a bonus to its attacks and damage equal to your charisma modifier and your charisma mod x 10 temporary hit points You also have a telepathic link with it as long as the two of you are on the same plane of existence. You may use this link to issue a Command (no action required), though any command that would result in certain death fails to take hold. While commanded, the target must make a wisdom saving throw anytime it attempts to disobey the command, and suffers 5d10 psychic damage on a failed save, which ignores any temporary hit points. You may issue a new command to the target once per turn, but only the most recent command is active.
Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest

Any Comments, Criticisms, and other feedback are appreciated
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Re: [5th Age] Paladin - Oath of the Night Monarch

Postby Jynnx » Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:03 am

Initial thoughts, without having seen it in action.

1. I would be extremely leery to allow Treacherous Madness in my game, as a Dungeon Master. Right off the top, it feels like you've rolled three separate 2nd level spells into a single action - I'm seeing elements of charm person, suggestion, and crown of madness all at once. This is going to become even more potent when you madden a subject with the Multiattack feature or a higher-level warrior class. My biggest issue with this would be that, as a player, I would rarely ever use it - it runs a significant risk of violating the rulership tenant, and the DM would be well within their authority to strip me of my paladinhood for it.

And I can't help but think that this becomes easy-street to abusing shove attacks...

Also, you can just say that the DC is equal to the target's passive Insight. It looks cleaner that way.

2. I might ensure a space between the two Channel Divinity options, I almost missed Night's Shroud. I have no complaints about it, otherwise.

3. I'm liking Aura of Preservation. It sounds like a nice Hail Mary maneuver.

4. Binding Mercy is interesting, if a tad heavier on book-keeping than I think the edition is geared towards.

5. I'm actually really in love with Irresistible Force. At first I though that the amount of temp HP it could provide could get real crazy, real fast, but I think that as a capstone ability it works just fine.

All in all, you've got a very solid foundation here. It could use some thorough proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors, but my only real mechanical concern is with Treacherous Madness. I think limiting a charmed creature to making only a single attack would make me less hesitant of it.
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Re: [5th Age] Paladin - Oath of the Night Monarch

Postby kitmehsu » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:51 am

1. Response
Bit of design notes here, Treacherous madness was actually a blending of crown of madness (which also render's its target charmed) and the curse effect of the Berserker's Ax magic item, since 5e as is lacks a rage spell. I put in the charisma roll to command the target as a detrament vs crown of madness, since the target can still act disruptively without an action.
So with that in mind, I really should remove the multi-attack clause from this effect, for some reason I miss remembered crown of madness allowing for that, and make it specificity call for a melee weapon attack.
As for it violating the Rulership tennent, I guess I've always imagined this as pre fight, or against a rear guard character, like a mage, whose attentions are focused more on their allies and you using the attempts to command to prevent issues from happening. I'm not sure how to address this without making it stronger than I really want it to be. Also, remember that the oaths are more lenient in 5e, while you strive to follow them in all cases, it accepts that some times mistakes are made, and as long as the paladin is repentant of the mistake or failing, nothing is lost. On the other hand, I may want to adjust the wording on the Rulership tennant to be more flexible, as the intent is that you not be abusive to your followers, not avoiding an effective action as that may mean sacrificing or incidentally harming them for it.

2 Response
that's good to hear, I was worried that it may be underwhelming

3. Response
Don't forget, aura's are entirely passive. The idea is that a foe spared could be useful, and if they prove uncoopertive, they are not in a position to harm you, and those already loyal are aided for it.

4. Response
True, but I doubt it would be used randomly on a kobold for example, since it does use your single channel divinity option.

5 Response
50 temp hp may be a lot (Assuming max out cha of 20), but with the damage going around at that level, I wanted to make sure it lasted more than one round since this is a once per long rest cap stone.

I'll update the write-up latter today when I get off work
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