I Hope You Like To Read...Cause I've got alot to say.

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I Hope You Like To Read...Cause I've got alot to say.

Postby Houshou » Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:10 am

Cause, man, can I type a wall of text.

First off, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everypony here on the forums. So.... Hello!

I had a bit of a personal internal battle as to where to put this post and while I realized that it could technically be split up into multiple parts and plastered elsewhere throughout the forums. I figured one single post in general chat would be better. So here goes...

A little background on me and my Table Top experience. I started with D&D Advanced (Also known as 2nd Edition). From there I branched into 3.0, Legend of the Five Rings, and Westend Games D6 Star Wars. Tried a little bit of Shadowrun (forget what edition), D&D 3.5 - My largest collection of books are here, World of Darkness and Vampire: The Requiem (D10 not LARP). From there I helped Beta Test Pathfinder (My GM was the one with the Beta Account. I was one of his players), D&D 4.0 - Which after about a month of gaming we dropped it like a sack of rotten potatoes. And since then, I have stayed with Pathfinder and will probably do so long into the future.

It wasn't until a couple months ago, that I came across PonyFinder, and have had my hard copy book for about a month now. I must say, that I find some of the things about the book that I do not like and others that I do.

For one The Book could be better organized. Even my Dragonlance Campaign Book has better organization than this. Sections of the book are not clearly identified as being separate. It just.... happens. Granted it is on the next preceding page. But the overall layout... feels very rushed. I would highly support an updated version of the book with a better layout. Now I know that every page means it costs more to print. But I'm thinking a few extra pages and even tables shouldn't add too many more pages. Just a simple Re-Ordering of the current pages to help the "flow" of the book. For example as it is currently printed in my book; You start off with the "Basic Pony Race" and give all of the stats and information about a basic pony. Then you talk about all the alternative sub-classes of Pony kind (fairly reasonable). Then the next set of pages talks about Ponies as Classes: Pony Bards, Warriors, Clerics, Druids, etc. Then it gives a few pages on Feats. ... Then Alternative Races...
In literally every other book I own. All Races available to the players are listed inside the "Races" Chapter. I understand that Pony Finder, is supposed to be more about the Pony side of things, but if you (Silver LLC) are going to include pre-made alternative classes for the players to choose from incase they do not wish to play as only a Pony character, then flow of the book would dictate that those races should be made apparent at the beginning of the book along side the Pony Races. I feel that I have to literally memorize the entire book. Cause I would have to keep reminding myself, other players, and even the Game Master, that the information for these races is after the Feats section for the ponies...
And then there's that issue. I know... I see what you did. You listed all the Feats that are race specific with the Racial Stats of that Race. I get it. But when I am trying to find a certain feat, I don't want to have to look through the entire book checking every available race to ensure its not a race specific trait. You even list in the Prerequisites for the Feats themselves as "Griffon" or "Clockwork & Steel Heart". So it's already listed there. So for ease of reference, just take ALL the Feats and list them in 1 Chapter. I can see that the feat requires me to be a Pegasus or Unicorn. But as is... its just not conducive. I'm spending more time flipping back and forth through the entire book just trying to build a character. I haven't even begun to level up. Races and Feats are not the only ones. No. It's a fairly common thing throughout the entirety of the book, and that alone really makes me want to puke.

So to clarify: Group things together that should be together. For ease of reference with the book. I understand what you did, and I see the logic behind it. But let's be honest. If you were looking for information on a Feat or a Spell in Path Finder; do you travel to the Races Chapter, then bounce over to the Feats Section, then over to the Spell List Section, only to find it listed alongside the additional information for the Class? No. You find All Feats (Even the Meta-Magic Spell Feats) in the Feats Chapter. It's a quick flip through the book, you locate the Feat (or Spell) quickly because its listed alphabetically, solve the issue and move on. The longer you are chasing information, the longer you are delaying game time, and I hate long delays in game time (Yes I'm talking to you Wizard. You have had not only 5 other human players to wait on, and all of my monsters to move and attack for you to think of your next spell to cast, where to cast it and at who. But you just now, the turn before you, you decided it would be a good idea to go fishing for your spell information. Wizard. You die next turn).

Lore. I love it. You have added your own spin on what we know. This is great and it's even divided by era, keeping chronological advancement. Tid bits of info are placed in each era to give an idea how society is, making it possible to create a campaign in each era. Even similar campaigns could be vastly different in the attitudes of the NPC's towards some of the PC's.

Over all the book is good, but it can definitely be much better with better organization. Making specific information easier to locate and find would go a long way to making the book better.

Oh...Kay... *sigh* Got that off my chest.
I would go into some house changes I have already made to the book, but I see there is a section already for that. So I'll make another post over there for that.

Don't get me wrong. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't say what I don't like about it. Much like D&D 4.0, I would simply drop it and never talk about it. But I do like, and I do want to see Pony Finder and the Griffon Expansion succeed. So I hope some of what I have said makes sense.
I enjoy picking up new RPG Books, cause I have a hard time designing characters. I tend to utilize books like this to help create or flesh out a character idea in full. This way I can see where strengths and weaknesses are at. I like to write stories, and sometimes, it can be quite difficult getting exactly everything about a character out of my head, and I need a little bit of help. So, Thank You.

Anyroad. It's been a pleasure, and I hope to see you round. May the 12 be with you.

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Re: I Hope You Like To Read...Cause I've got alot to say.

Postby David » Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:47 am

Welcome to the forum!

Not bad ideas there, though I admit some fear on the idea of re-doing the first book. The layout person we had for it isn't even working with us anymore, and the one we got for the griffon book was just for the griffon book. It would be a non-trivial task to tackle such a large book in any significant fashion. Not to say that we aren't considering it, and will continue to do so.

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