So, Steel Prism.

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So, Steel Prism.

Postby ryanwraith1 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:54 pm

How exactly did your character lose his eye?

Lore consistency stuff.
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Re: So, Steel Prism.

Postby Steel_Prism » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:55 am

Well Prism has been my OC for some time before ponyfinder so his design has been based off how I had him in the RP story I made him for and that was in 2013 and now I use him as my persona in everything I do with mlp. So there is no set way in Ponyfinder how he has lose his eye. At lest not yet anyway, dum dum dummm

If you want to know how he did lose his eye in the other story just read below;

If you little of the settings. The Griffons have invaded Equestria and its all out war at this point. Canterlot and Cloudsdale has been lost and hes in the city of Trottingham. For the last few weeks the Griffons have been hitting the city with artillery (catapult, trebuchet) but the ponies have had a shield up over the city and the griffons couldn't get pass it even with the artillery. Prism leading a number of hit and runs on the griffon lines at night and its been going well.

Till one morning the shield failed, no one knows why or how, but there is no time to fine out as the griffon just start to bombard the city with the plan to just level the place and with everyone in it. Prism gets his men out easy as he is skilled in teleportation and can easily take a group of 8 with him.

But he goes back into the city to see if he can save more he knows he can still push one more teleport spell before burning himself out, at this point there isn't much left and the griffons are starting to move in killing anyone who stands in their way. He comes across a small family at first but as he knows he can save more, so heads to one of the few buildings still standing.

Once entering all he sees is a signal mare their and no one else in sight. He calls to her telling her he has a way out of the city but they need to go now. She then calls to the empty room and too his shock a number of unicorns had been using magic to hide others and their numbers come to around 50.

Knowing he can only safely get 8 ponies out he is left with a hard choice leave them, save 8 or try and save them them all. At this point someone calls out from the door that the griffons are coming, so limit his options even more limited and he goes for trying to save them them all. He calls them to get as close as the can and he forces his spell on all the ponies around him, he would try to save them all or die trying.

When the spell was done there was a bright flash from within the town hall out of the 50 that was in the building 30 where taken to the point were Prism troops were waiting. Out of the 30 that made it 8 of them were only half a pony 22 others had made it but with missing parts themselves. Prism was also there but missing his eye and doing this had almost killed him and he collapses to the floor. Out of the 22 that made it 18 make it to safety within the pony lines.

So that is how he lost his eye and why his design has a eye missing, also because of the war is why he is heavily scarred. I didn't want to do a massive story for Prism in Ponyfinder as I find just giving the basics means people can easily use and change him to fit their campaign.

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