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Tribes of Everglow compared to Races of Everglow(Visual)

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:23 am
by Sapare
This is not a complaint coming from me, its actually the opposite.

I read Tribes of Everglow first, only more recently buying Races of Everglow. And I must say that Races really makes me appreciate the organization and color coding Tribes has. I understand that Races was done first so you guys learned from it and then did Tribes. That is not to say I am unhappy with Races, just that I hope the organization standards that Tribe's set forward will stick around. And that I really think the extra effort that must have gone into Tribes/the lessons learned from races was well worth it.

The main points I appreciate being the yellow/red coloring for PF/5e, where in Races it is all yellow and you got to make sure you are not reading for the wrong ruleset. The little boxes that denote Feats/equipment/traits/spells and such, making it easy to find something when you are scrolling through(where in Races of Everglow it is just in normal text so you still have to read the words and they don't "pop out").

I don't think any book will ever be "flawless", nor that the Tribes system could not be improved on here and there, but I think it is a very strong standard that I don't see anyone complaining about if it stays at that level in the future. (Generally, out of the Ponyfinder books I read, Tribes of Everglow holds the top spot atm, very good work.)

P.S.: Purrsian's are best non pones and I am sad that there only two pics of them in the Races book(one from the Core book), is there any place/book that has more Purrsian art?

Re: Tribes of Everglow compared to Races of Everglow(Visual)

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:30 am
by David
We have settled nicely into the color coding for pf/5e. Glad it's working out! Purrsian folk are fine folk, it's true.