Check out this old message I found

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Check out this old message I found

Postby Canada714 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:02 am

So I'm going through my old emails and I came across this message I got from Kickstarter. I open it up and it's a response from you guys about a question, dated back to July 25.
Alicorns are possible through the Sorcerer bloodline of Unification, as early as level 3 if you start as a unicorn or a pegasus(and take wings or a horn then).

There are no rules, yet, for Zebras of Griffins, but there's also no reason for there to NOT be, either. This is something I wanted to get more into detail about in stretch goals, folding in more and more races as we go.

Here's what we have right now:
Basic, Pegasus, Unicorn, Sea, Changeling, Chaos Hunter, Gem
All horse types, as you might imagine. Some are even mix and matchable. You can be, for instance, a pegasus or unicorn changeling.

I just find it really cool/funny how far you guys have come since then and how Zebras, Griffins and more have been added to the system since. Also:
...and I said "OATMEAL? ARE YOU CRAZY?!"...oh, sorry
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Re: Check out this old message I found

Postby David » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:21 am

The variety of PC available in the book certainly has expanded since then.

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