Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

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Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by Llisandur » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:16 pm

I'll say up here in case I missed any below. Ability score names should be capitalized. Feat names should have each word capitalized. Skill names should have each word capitalized, except words in parenthesis for the Craft, Knowledge, Perform and Profession skills. Spell names should be lower case, except for Roman numerals, and italicized. Class names should be lower case. Class or racial traits/features should be lower case. Weapons should be lower case. As always, sentence structure takes precedence and labels have every word capitalized.

Page 3: There's a blank page after the Table of Contents. All page numbers on table of contents need to be increased by 1.
Page 5: Under special abilities, Earth-Bound should be bolded and needs a colon after it.
Page 15: Moon's Blessing needs better description to indicate choices.
Page 16: Combat the Night and Control the Night need to indicate that they are choices of Moon's Blessing.
Page 17: In the benefit line of Fur of Force, both words of the Self Enhancement feat name need to be capitalized.
Page 26: In the benefit line of Weather Control, Cloud Walker should be lower case. In the last sentence, "If a second effect is performed while one is going..." replace "going" with "active".
Page 27: In the description of Alliance of Wind, 6th line, "spells DC" should be "spell's DC"
Page 35: In the second line of Striped, under Zebra Unification, "three times a day may use" should be "three times a day you may use"
Page 39: Under Kindness of Strangers, there's a double period in "perception check vs. your" on the 6th line.
Page 42: In the benefit line of Partial Change, there's a space before the period after "levels".
Page 43: In the description of Enhance Doppelganger, 5th line, both words of the Beastial Growth feat name should be capitalized.
Page 43: In the ponykind table for Wave of Change, Sea Horse is cut off to just "Sea"
Page 44: Under Leatherwing, in the Base Stats line, -2 Dex should be -2 Cha.
Page 47: In the benefit line of Bloody Magic, 2nd line, "they" after the open parenthesis shouldn't be capitalized.
Page 47: In the benefit line of Dark Tenacity, 3rd line, "you may chose" should be "you may choose".
Page 48: In the benefit line of Sharp Turns, 5th line, Skill Focus (Fly) should be capitalized, both feat name and skill name.
Page 49: In the description of Shadow Dodge, 2nd line, "Allows" should be lower case.
Page 49: In the level lines for Moment of Darkness, "Ranger 0" Should be "Ranger 1". Rangers do not have 0-level spells.
Page 51: Under special abilities, Language of the Dead, 3rd line, "known to dead" should be "known to the dead".
Page 55: In the prerequisite line of Rotting Companion, "Knowledge Religion" should be Knowledge "(religion)".
Page 55: In the benefit line of Spiritual Awakening, 4th line, "but not a feat(You" should be replaces with "but not a feat (you".
Page 55: Prerequisite and Benefit under Final Prayer should be bolded. In the prerequisite line, "Knowledge religion" should be "Knowledge (religion)".
Page 64: In the benefit line of Space and Time Comprehension, 2nd line, "conjuration(teleport)" should have a space between "conjuration" and "(teleport)". In the 5th line, "DC 15 knowledge (planes) check", Knowledge should be capitalized.
Page 64: Under the Prey oracle curse, 3rd bullet point, 3rd line, "before the effect lands" should be "before an effect lands," for clarity. Include the comma.
Page 66: Move the info box below Special Abilities to match other race entries.
Page 66: Adjust Trait presentation to match other races.
Page 68: In the benefit line of As Fate Demands It, 4th line, the comma should be a semicolon.
Page 71: Replace "Being an Antean trades away the Earth-Bound racial trait. "Being an Antean replaces the Unique Destiny trait."
Page 71: Separate the paladin archetype from the traits.
Page 73: In the benefit line of Crushing Terror, 2nd line, Intimidate should be capitalized.
Page 74: In the benefit line of So Others May Live, 1st line, AoO should be "attack of opportunity".
Page 74: In the benefit line of Restrict Magic 1st line, "Once per day, As an immediate action," should be "Once per day, as an immediate action,".
Page 74: In the benefit line of You're Safe With Me, 3rd line, "I Will Protect you" should be all capitalized. In the special line, 1st line, AoO should be "attack of opportunity".
Page 75: In the benefit line of Some Like It Big, all skill names should be capitalized.
Page 75: In the description of Spread Your Hooves, replace "You're reach" with "You reach".
Page 76: In the description of Apathetic Haze in the Apathy subdomain, add "You can use this ability 3 + you Wisdom modifier times per day." after the last line.
Page 77: Move the info box below Special Abilities to match other race entries.
Page 81: In the description of Bright Shield, 4th line, "that target’s touch AC" should be "that targets touch AC".
Page 81: In the description of Consolidated Wealth, 2nd line, "equal value in gem" should be "equal value in gems".
Page 81: In the description of Lead by Example, 4th line, "spiritual weapon)gives a" should be "spiritual weapon) gives a".
Page 81: In the description of Slave to Destiny, the last line is missing a period after the parenthesis.
Page 86: The Special line under Full Integrations should be bolded.
Page 86: In the benefit line of Stable Effort, 2nd line, "average roll(As if you rolled" should be "average roll (as if you rolled".
Page 93: In the prerequisite line of Perilous Balance, replace Deep Visions with Remember the Depths.
Page 94: Prerequisite and Benefit under Shared Breath should be bolded.
Page 94: Prerequisite and Benefit under Shout of the Sea should be bolded.
Page 96: Move the info box below Special Abilities to match other race entries.
Page 96: under special abilities, fire resistance should be lower case, skill names should be capitalized.
Page 96: Flaming Inquisition should have subsection title background.
Page 96: In the description of Burning Hoof, 4th line, "Burst., if it has" should be replaced with "Burst. If it has".
Page 99: In the description of Sandy Escape, it needs a period at the end.
Page 99: In the benefit line of Well-honed Suspicion, skill names should be capitalized.
Page 99: The table at the end of the second column likely belongs to In Alcohol, Clarity from the previous page.
Page 101: Lots of incorrect capitalizations on this page. See the notes at the top.
Page 101: In the bonus spells for Arid Mystery, 4th level spell, the proper spell name is Groundswell.
Page 101: Replace the description of Well-Trained Wanderer with "Gain proficiency in the khopesh and the falcata. Gain desert favored terrain as a ranger of two levels lower than your oracle level."
Page 101: Replace the description of Caravan Keeper with "Increase the threat range of the khopesh and the falcata by 1. You must be at least 3rd level to select this revelation. Requires Well-Trained Wanderer revelation."
Page 101: In the description of Call Forth the Storm, 2nd line, replace the comma after "you have" with a semicolon.
Page 101: In the description of Wary Beyond Measure, replace "tremmorsense" with "tremorsense".
Page 106: In the benefit line of Cry of Pain, 2nd line, replace "an perished" with "a perished".
Page 107: In the description of Love Finds a Way, 2nd line, capitalize Diplomacy skill name.
Page 107: In the description of Beloved of the Gods, 2nd line, remove an extraneous "the" in "when revived from the death".
Page 108: In the description of Passionate Lash, 4th line, add a comma after "whip".

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by TaliaKirana » Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:53 pm

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by David » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:20 pm

In reply to the elemental bombs, no, you normally can't hurl an acid bomb with other modifying effects, and it will gain the acid side effect, so this does have a niche if you want, say, sticky ice bombs.

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by TheStratovarian » Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:41 pm

Zebra Discoveries Page 33: Elemental Mastery

When throwing bombs, you may cause them to inflict fire, ice, acid, or electricity damage, provided you have a discovery that allows it. This does not create or change secondary effects, and can be used with other bomb modifying discoveries.

This is a waste of a discovery, since you have to have all the infusions to do this, and bombs are made before you throw and set the type anyhow?

Uncertain Chemistry: Page 33

You love experimenting. There’s no such thing as a ‘finished’ formula as far as you’re concerned. Whenever one of your extracts or bombs are used, roll 1d4-2 and modify the effective caster level of the effect by that. (Does this improve bomb damage as being thrown possibly by a higher level, or just the caster level for effects?)

Karma Chameleon: Page 41

Does this apply to items that require certain alignments, or just to spells. (For clarification of what it says vs what it implies. Murky Language.)

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by TheStratovarian » Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:57 pm

On rocky shards, page 10 of the earth ponies. Wanted to double check on a spell "Rocky Shards"

"Make a ranged attack." Is it ranged, or ranged touch?

Nightstalker Prc: page 16 Haven of the night.

Was it intended for there to be no time set for allies under this in combat, or uses per day/night?

Horn Focus: page 16. You might want to address if you can stack different foci for each one, or if you are limited to just the one?

A Taste of Perfection: Page 17

Does this count as a virtual pre-req for things such as earthbound, or just feats requiring ponykind? Just a tad murky, even though you do say it doesn't give any mechanical benefit.

Charged Ammunition : Page 17

It may help clarify what ranged ammo, or weapon types if thrown apply to this, or that are ineligible. Otherwise it comes down to gm ruling on things. Such as wether or not you need gunpowder for the guns, or can you fire it via the mind?

Inspired Chemistry: Page 17 The 2d4-2, doesn't have a chance to go less than 0, so effectively the below the catch "If the caster level is reduced further than the minimum, the extract is wasted." This is acting like a chance of a free heighten for all infusions with no risk to losing or going below standard caster level.

Self Perfection: Page 18 The rate at which the "Self Enhancement feat" (as it may be confusing to some) bonus increases changes to every 5 levels. Pick a second statistic, it increases at the old rate (1 + 1 per 8 levels). You can change the first and second statistic during the same full-round action.

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by David » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:31 am


Llisandur wrote:I'm a little confused about the Wind Stubborn feat in the Pegasus section of Tribes of Everglow. It says it requires a race that would normally have Cloud Walker. Which races does this affect, and how would they have lost Cloud Walker in the first place? I haven't run across anything that would trade it away.

Llisandur wrote:Do the force weapons or shields created by Blade of the Mind and Shield of Will have weight?

Llisandur wrote:I noticed that Leatherwings swap out their -2 Cha in the campaign book with a -2 Dex in Tribes. Was this intentional as their new stat line, or was it a typo in the newer book?

Llisandur wrote:The campaign setting books states that the Antean alternate racial traits replaces the bonus first level feat (Unique Destiny). However, Tribes of Everglow states that "Being an Antean trades away the Earth-Bound racial trait." Of course, the line above that also gives Earth-Bound to Anteans. May I assume that Tribes of Everglow is a typo and the campaign setting has the correct adjustments?

Also, there are no absolute modifiers to stats, just the total combined stats for Earth-Bound Anteans. Does +4 Str, -4 Wis sound right for applying Antean to other ponykind races?

Alex12 wrote:So, I purchased the Born of Magic supplement, and I have some questions. First off, the main Ponyfinder book lists Earth-bound speed as 40 (20 bipedal), and the unicorn subrace entry doesn't change that. But the supplement gives their speed as 30 (20 bipedal). Is this an error?
Would a unicorn with Advanced Horn Magic and Blade of the Mind be able to use both telekinetic hands to form a 2-handed weapon?
Does the Combined Casting feat require expending spell slots on the part of the helper? For that matter, who has to know the relevant metamagics? Helper, primary caster, or both?
Does Emergency Reposition count as a teleportation effect? Do you move through the interim squares? I assume from context that the movement doesn't provoke AoO, but clarification there would be nice.
For Inspired Chemistry, why is there a caveat for downward adjustment? 2d4-2 can't go below 0, and I can't think of any situation where decreasing the caster level (since modification can mean in either direction) would ever be useful, especially if it risked losing the extract entirely.
Also the Night Stalker PrC is leaving me baffled for a variety of reasons. First off, given that the spells class feature specifies arcane casting, shouldn't the prerequisites specify arcane casting? I also note that they get d10 HD, which seems somewhat high. None of the class features say what level they come at, there's no table indicating saves, BAB, or class features, and I'm confused as to what Moon's Blessing actually does. Also, how long does Haven of the Night last when used on allies? I'd guess either 1d4 rounds (as with enemies) or a number of rounds equal to either casting modifier or Int modifier, but the entry doesn't say. For that matter, is it a Spell-like ability? Or a Supernatural one?

Sorry for all the questions, but these are all questions I could see coming up at my table if I were to use any of these abilities.

Re: Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by David » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:22 am

I'll start with one posted recently.

Llisandur wrote:In the description of the Arid Mystery Well-Trained Wanderer revelation, it seems that the second sentence was pasted on from somewhere else, or otherwise not well formed.
It says,
Gain proficiency in the Khopesh and the Falcata. See below the Sands: Desert Favored Terrain as Ranger of two levels lower than your Oracle level.

It seems to be saying that this revelation grants Favored Terrain (Desert) as a ranger two levels below your oracle level?

Llisandur wrote:The feat Perilous Balance has a feat or ability requirement called Deep Visions, but I can't find it anywhere. Was this renamed to something else? From the benefit description of the feat and the requirements of other feats, it seems to build from Remember the Depths.

Llisandur wrote:The subdomain power Apathetic Haze replaces the Touch of Evil domain power, which has "You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier", but the new power has no mentions of times per day uses. Is it an at-will power? Also, does it require a touch attack, or does one simply need to be next to their target to activate the power?

Llisandur wrote:The Hooves of Justice ability doesn't specify whether the hoof attacks are primary or secondary. Typically hoof attacks are secondary natural attacks, but they also typically only deal 1d4 damage. How should these be handled?

arcane_kitsu wrote:In the new book, Born to Magic, a new item, Horn Focus was introduced. But I'm a little confused as to what the actual mechanical effect this has on a pony's magic before any weapon/armor enhancements are added to it. Could I please get some clarification on what that is?

Llisandur wrote:Should the bonus provided by the Sharp Turns feat stack with Skill Focus (Fly)?

Llisandur wrote:Are the spells for each tribe in Tribes of Everglow meant to only be available to the tribe with which it's presented, or are they only presented in those sections to be thematic? The spells themselves don't mention any such restrictions that I've seen.

Tribes of Everglow Errors and Weak Language

Post by David » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:17 am

So, one thread, many errors. Post ANY mistake you have found in the book, including confusing rules wording and the like. It's time to corral them into one place and fix them once and for all! Not sure if something is an error? Post anyway! We'll double check.